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1.2 Summarise The Relevant Policy And Age Related Expectations Of Learners Relevant To Literacy Development In The Setting

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I was running away! I had enough of Gran nagging me. Mum was dead! Dad said that he needed time to recover from the loss of Mum. So now I’m here with Gran. I don’t have any friends here and I have decided to go back to Dad. I miss mum, I knew if she was here she would not ever send me to stay with Gran.
I packed all my things and crept slowly and quietly towards the door. I made sure I opened the door very quietly because my Gran had such sharp ears that she could hear a pin drop even though she is sleeping. I padded down the stairs and I could hear Gran snoring. Once I reached the landing I put my boots and my duffel coat on. I opened the front door and ran out all the way down ...view middle of the document...

In that gap of time I dragged my rucksack in and the egg shut the front door limped up the stairs as fast as I could and limped into my room. As soon as I entered I threw the rucksack across the room then carefully placed the egg underneath by bed. As soon as I did so I limped back downstairs and waited by the kitchen.
Gran came out holding a mug of hot chocolate and gave it to me she then asked where I went. I looked at her with the most innocent eyes. Then she just said tell me tomorrow it is getting late and I don’t want you tired at school. Chop! Chop! She said. So I walked upstairs trying not to limp if I did limp than Gran was sure to ask what happened, I can never stop from being nosy. Well that’s what I thought because she was always poking her nose into other people’s business. Like the last time she poked her nose into........
Next morning I woke up thinking that everything that had happened last night was just a dream I was just imagining the whole lot of things that had happened. Just to make sure I got out of bed and observed what was under the bed which was only my old shoes my books and a broken egg. What a broken egg something inside this had just come out!
Out of nowhere something soft with yellow claws, scaly skin, something small, with a grin that reached from one earlobe to the other and with blazing golden eyes stared at me vividly. I screamed that my own scream pierced my ears. “Hullo” it said which freaked me out even more.
Gran marched into the room and said are you trying to wake up the whole street, stop screaming like you’re crazy and get downstairs for breakfast. I just stood there watching Gran march off. I could not believe that right now in my room there was a dragon in my room. I looked over to where the dragon was playing with the lamp switch. I stride over to the baby dragon. I thought there were such things as dragons but here it was in front of me.
I quickly got dressed whilst wondering what I should do with baby dragon when I am at school and I didn’t what to feed it and also I didn’t want Gran to see it because if she did I was dead. I stared at the dragon sadly deep in thought of what I should do with it; then right in front me it started to shrink and shrink then it stopped I looked at it was just the size for me to put him in my satchel but he didn’t stop shrinking until he was the size for me to put him in my pocket. So I picked up the baby dragon and put it in my pocket
Gran gave some sausages, mash and some beans for breakfast. When Gran was not looking I sneaked sausage into my pocket for the dragon in a flash the dragon ate it so I quickly put the whole batch into my coat pocket. I swallowed the mash and gulped down the milk, before Gran could complain about something. I grabbed my satchel and ran out the front door leaving the door behind banging shut.
I scurried down the street feeling for the baby dragon in my...

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