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1. How Are The Failures In Economic, Social, Political, And Ecological Systems The Result Of Modernism Reaching Its Limits? How Are These Failures Being Propelled By Globalization? In What Sense Could These Failures Be

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1. How are the failures in economic, social, political, and ecological systems the result of modernism reaching its limits? How are these failures being propelled by globalization? In what sense could these failures be considered the birth pangs of a new stage of social organization that goes beyond modernism?
Modernism has put pressure upon the various aspects of society to further improve them. Doing so has required monetary funds and the cooperation with political officials. These goals tend to fail themselves. Consumerism is one of the outcomes of modernism. Attitudes have adjusted to a disposable lifestyle. When a new product is released, there is a superficial “need”. Modernism, as defined, was initially the self-conscious break with the past and the search of new forms of expression. ...view middle of the document...

Apple uses a technique called Market Price Skimming. Apple charges the maximum price for a new product to gain the most revenue and then decrease the price as time passes by.
These practices promote consumerism. As soon as a new device is released, the consumer “needs” it. This will create a social movement. Even people from the lower income bracket will attempt to purchase said items when it poses no benefits to their financial situation.

2. Where will the issue of human rights on a global scale lead us? Will the entire world adopt Western views? Will the the present relative decline of the West lead to the emergence of a non-Western global culture? Do leaders in other societies resist human rights because they sincerely believe in their own cultural values, or are they simply trying to justify their power and domination?
The fight for human rights and justice will cause a snowball effect to occur. It will echo throughout the world also causing the media to take note on such a movement. The issue will lead us to increase awareness and participation of the masses. Some will adopt western views and some may not. When it comes to human rights, culture can come into consideration in certain parts of the world.
What we view as inhuman here, some will view it as normal. How can we tread on others’ cultural morals? Some places will grasp on to their cultural values versus rather than holding on to power. Places like the Congo area have to do with power emergence and the amount of it given to a sole individual.
A U.S government intervention can be perceived as a good and bad thing. Some will take it as a threat hence retaliating with violence. Some areas in Africa experience such events. Aid groups will provide aid to the general populace but the ones in power will not allow it to be distributed. That regime will confiscate it and let the people suffer in their horrid conditions.

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