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1. What Kinds Of Applications Are Described Here? What Business Functions Do They Support? How Do They Improve Operational Efficiency And Decision Making? I Believe The Kind Of Applications That Was Described In The

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Case study 1
Xiaolin Tian
MIS in Your Pocket
Q1: The applications are described in this case are e-mail, calendar and contacts from Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. Furthermore, there are some new software applications like hospital’s MEDITECH electronic medical records system, Epocrates Essentials, ChainLinq Mobile and iPhone app.
The business function of these kinds of applications is to make employees control their work easily, and help them to fix complex things. The e-mail application keeps the doctors and other employees or patients in contact with each other at anytime. MEDITECH helps doctors to keep and search the information of medical records or some ...view middle of the document...

TCHO uses iPhone app to control all the chocolate-making machines without keep having a physical presence. The iPhone app can monitor and show how the TCHO FlavorLab is doing, even though there is a long distance between lab and monitor. It is helpful for employees to edit photos, e-mails.and text messages. In conclusion, this case study shows some kinds of mobile digital devices are used to solve business problems.

Q3: Almost every kind of business can benefit from equipping their employees with mobile digital devices. As the internet is more and more popular nowadays, online shopping is common, which makes express industry more important. Express, as the flexible industry, is most likely to benefit from equipping their employees with mobile digital devices. They have to track the position of each box and to update the shipment information. They can fix all these problems by using the mobile digital devices to equip their employees, which can finish their tracking efficiently.

Q4: iPhone is widely used in industries nowadays. It is not just for fun and can play a variety of games, but it can also be used in managing and manufacturing or something else such as contact with employees. Doylestown Hospital uses iPhone to connect doctors and patients all the time. The hospital can get in touch with doctors quickly when something must to be solved immediately. Also the doctors can handle the information of patients and the lab results correctly. Because they own iPhone, they don’t have to sit in their office all the time and they needn’t worry about the condition of the patients. As D.W. Morgan, they use mobile digital devices to keep tracking on their boxes, and record the information of each box for their positions and delivery. It makes their work easy and keeps all the information in time. Also for TCHO, Owner Timothy Childs uses iPhone in industry which can control the machine for recording the time and temperature without employees looking around the machine. So we can see that iPhone is changing the way of industry and makes customers and suppliers closer to finishing the trades easily.

Q1: iPhone has so many capabilities, such as facetime, browse the web, send messages, check your email and calendar, listen to music, watch movie and so on. Referring to Facetime (Apple), I really think it is a powerful application of iPhone because it can make video calls with your friends face to face. Moreover, iPhone is sensitive to recognize the touches on its screen like you can stretch the screen into bigger or smaller which is convenient for us to look all the content. The most convenient capability of iPhone is multitasking which the applications keep working even though they are not shown on the screen. We just need to double-tap on the home button to multitask on an iPhone. According to the applications which are shown at the bottom of the screen, we can select anyone to open (Keith Dsouza). With this capability, we don’t have...

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