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10 Best Plces In The Philippines

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10 Best Summer Places in the Philippines
By: Magiel Boncayao

It’s more fun in the Philippines this summer. We are all ready for some summer fun. This is the season where we are looking for some adventure and exploration. In summer people leave the city and find somewhere far where they can relax their body and mind. So I’m giving some tips in beautiful summer places where you can go and have fun.

Camiguin Island
first stop is known as Fire Island to people who visit the place, Camiguin’s fantastic seascapes and landscapes have always made it the perfect choice for filming local movies. Enjoying laid-back country life, people who visit this place can’t help but make ...view middle of the document...

The spectacular sunset and sunrise view along Rizal Boulevard is enough for tourists to love this friendly city.

Hundred Islands National Park

This place is also located in Northern Luzon, but in the lowlands. While the name suggests hundreds of islands, only 3 were developed for tourism – Governor Island, Quezon Island and Children’s Island. Tourists will enjoy the crystal blue waters and the protected coral reefs, marvelling at the beauty of nature within reach.

Roxas City

This is often referred to as the Venice of the Visayas mainly because of the bridge that connects the northern part of the city to the south, and somehow makes people associate the place with the real Venice. The city is also known as the seafood capital of the country due to the abundant seafood resources it has. People who visit this city are enticed to feast on seafood because they are cheap.

It is currently enjoying the top ranking as the number one tourist destination in the Philippines. This is where you get to see the smallest living mammal in the world – the tarsier, the famous Chocolate Hills, Panglao Island and the Luboc River. All of these places promise a breathtaking view individually.

Cebu City – Queen City of the South

This is a progressive metropolis in the Visayan Island – one of the three major islands of the Philippines (the other two being Luzon and Mindanao). It has an international airport catering to foreign tourists and business...

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