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10 Mary Street Essay

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1.The context is both physical and psychological. What did the address of 10 Mary Street provide for the family that resided there? Physically, the address 10 Mary street provides the Skyzynecki family with a house to live in, it provides them with a shelter and a place in which they can spend time in each others company. Psychologically 10 Mary street provides comfort and support, it is a place where the family can be themselves and celebrate their culture away from the prying eyes of Australia society. The similes “like a well-oiled lock” is one example of the security that the house provides.
What are the connotations of the description of the bridge as “still too narrow”? What ...view middle of the document...

Unlike his parents Skrzynecki treats the garden with little respect, this is shown when he writes “I'd ravage the backyard garden like a hungry bird” this negative connotation is an indication that he has


no connection with the garden. He sees it as food, nothing more.
How does the poet present the concept that his parents “Kept pre-war Europe alive”? What aspects of belonging are depicted?

Skrzynecki uses imagery throughout the stanza, using words such as“photographs and letters”, “and rye bread. This is an explanation of how the Skrzynecki family are attempting to preserve the polish heritageand continue to celebrate their culture regardless of the fact that they are living in a country who may not understand it. The aspect of belonging is depicted in this stanza when other people (visitors) are mention, this suggests that other migrants are entering the house so that they may all spend time together away from Australian society. The fact that they only celebrate inside the house is a portrayal of “not belonging” they feel as though they would not be accepted by Australians, only by other migrants. 8. Analyse the images of key, lock and garden in the poem? How does it serve to reinforce the central themes of stability and change? key is referred to various times throughout the poem such as in stanza 1 “Hid the Key under a rusty bucket” this line is a portrayal of the safety and security that they feel, that the home provides for them. Key is then used in the 5th stanza“Inheritors of a Key” this metaphor describes the migrants feelings, they have a citizenship yet they still feel like outsiders. “Key” has many different meanings, on one hand it is a representation of freedom and of opportunity but on the other hand a key can be symbolism for being locked out, it represents a barrier that the migrants are yet to overcome. Lock, like the key can...

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