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10 Ways To Stop A Bully

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10 Ways to Stop A Bully

While bullying is a normal part of life, it is not something that anyone should have to put up with. Bullies are not going to disappear on their own, you have to take the steps to get rid of the bully.
There are ten ways to stop a bully.
1. Put on a brave face. When you let a bully know that you are afraid of them, it is like giving them power. If you give them some power, you will find that the bullying gets worse. So, put on a brave face, and never show your fear.
2. Have a friend around. Bullies are reluctant to go after someone who has backup. Bullies usually pick out the weakest person they can find, and there is strength in numbers. So, stop a bully by having a ...view middle of the document...

4. Ignore bullies. A lot of what bullies do is for a reaction. They say or do things to see what you will do. If you want to stop a bully, just ignore their efforts, soon they will find someone else. Whether it is bullying online or in person, ignore, ignore, ignore.
5. Confront the bully. One of the things that you should do is confront the bully. Ask them why they are bullying you. Ask them what the problem is. Ask them to stop. Bullies are rarely asked to face the reality that they are being a bully, so make them face it.
6. Report the bullying. Bullies can’t bully for long if they are getting caught. The beginning of getting a bully to stop has to start with an authority figure. So, each time someone bullies you, tell an adult. If it happens at school, tell a counselor, a teacher, or the principal.
7. Improve your self-esteem. Bullies usually pick on kids who have low esteem. They look for people who are weak, isolated, that feel alone, and have few friends. There is less chance of them being caught that way. Work on your esteem, and you won’t be picked on long.
8. Control your feelings. As mentioned previously, bullies look for reactions, don’t give them one, and soon they will grow bored and move on.
9. Stand up for yourself when it gets bad. If a bully is physically harming you, ruining your reputation, or something else then don’t put up with it. Instead, say the words like, “Stop” or “Don’t” and make sure they know you are done taking their bullying.
10. Don’t bully back. It is good to say no, but don’t bully in return. You don’t want to be on the same level. Instead, tell someone that they are bullying you, and then do your best to ignore.

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