14 Days With David Ortiz Essay

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Austin Savary
Period 3
14 Days With David Ortiz

If I had to spend 14 days with someone, once a week for 14 weeks I would choose David Ortiz. I would choose David Ortiz because I like the Boston Red Sox and he plays for the Boston Red Sox. Also, David Ortiz is a funny and energetic guy who likes to joke around with his teammates and the media. David Ortiz would have a lot of stories to share because he was born in the Dominican Republic and came over to the United States and he has played in the MLB and won three World Series. Those are the reasons why I would like to visit with David Ortiz. The day I would pick to talk with David is on Monday because I would like to start off my week with talking with one of my favorite baseball players to ever play in the MLB.

The first five Mondays with David I would talk with him about his journey from the Dominican Republic to the Major Leagues. One these first five Monday I would meet with him ...view middle of the document...

The place I would choose to talk in would be the bar inside the Green Monster at Fenway Park. I would choose this topic because I would want to learn the adjustment David had to make from playing in the Dominican Leagues to playing against the best players in the world and playing in front of thousands of people each night. I would want David to tell me about the adjustment he had to make with all of the different ballparks they played in and how he had to get used to traveling all across the country to different cities to play for 3 or 4 days then leave for a different city. I would like David to tell me about how much different the playing style of the players was from the Dominican Leagues compared to the Major League. It would be interesting to hear about the challenges he had to face when adjusting to Major League pitching and all of the traveling that Major League players have to do during one season in the MLB.

The last four Mondays with David we would talk about the Postseasons he has played in and the experiences he had with winning the World Series three different times. I would choose to talk on the Green Monster in Fenway Park, the most cherished seats in sporting history. I would choose this topic because I would want to learn how much of a difference it was going from playing in the regular season to playing in the Postseason when millions of people are watching every play you make and every swing you take and how magnified everything you do is in the Postseason. I would want to learn what it was like to make it to the World Series three times and win it three times. I want to learn how cool it felt to be on the biggest stage in baseball and to make it that far into the season. I would want to learn how he felt when his team won the final game of the World Series and knowing it was time to go celebrate with your team and your family. Also, to learn what it felt when they got that last out and running out on the field jumping up and down with your teammates knowing that you just won the World Series and you were the best in the world. I think it would be interesting to learn how it felt to prepare your whole life to win it all and finally win it all for the first time.

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