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15 Appeals Essay

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Manipulative Advertisements

In Jib Fowles essay “Advertising Fifteen Basic Appeals”, he explains how advertisers try to manipulate the consumer’s mind employing emotional appeals in their products. Magazine ads contain a variety of symbolic messages in an attempt to reach their target audience to manipulate their decisions.
Allure’s magazine bombards the women with pleasing images to draw their attention in to the ads. The Advertisement for the Chanel fragrance from the Chance series Eau Tendre seek to slice through its female audience’s mind and appeals to its need for attention, prominence and aesthetic sensations. The ad depicts a naked women with pink flowers wrapped around her body hugging a huge round bottle of pink perfume. This beautiful woman has her hair pulled back with a pink ...view middle of the document...

Also if you want to be admired, respected and have a high social status you need to use this product as well. This fragrance shows too the need for prominence because women admire brand names. The layout is intriguing because of the white background with the attractive light pink bottle and flowers that shows the beauty of the model. The ad has natural effect; it is aesthetically pleasing to look at.
Another advertisement is for a Citibank American Airlines Advantage program. The ad illustrates a happy woman relaxing in a hammock near a lake. The ad says the first and best loyalty program. This ad contains basic appeals, the need for autonomy and the need to escape. Citibank want us to believe that by using their card everyday making purchases will direct to our ability to take time off and enjoy ourselves. The image of the beautiful woman relaxing and enjoying a spectacular view is focusing on her independence. She shows alone in the picture, so you get the sense that she does not need anyone or anything except her city card to get what she needs. The need for autonomy is applied very strong in this advertisement. The advertisers are appealing the need to escape because she goes away from her daily life to find adventure, pleasure and relaxation and also she can obtain points by using her card and then using her rewards.
In addition, the idea of advertisements is first, to get your attention and then to make you wish the product. As a result they try to imbue, that you if you have this need, then this product will help you satisfy it.
In conclusion, advertisements are everywhere in our society and most people are become adapted to their presence. But advertisers are adept using in all ads visually pleasing and beautiful images to spark an interest from consumers, than with text. Also they try to influence us using basic appeals in their ads and bringing us a message they want to convey.

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