15 Minutes Of Fame Essay

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15 Minutes of Fame
A lot of celebrities come off as rich people who never had to do anything to make the incredible amount of money they make now. The only thing they need to be good at is acting or singing, which if it comes naturally, isn't hard work at all. What most people don't consider is the struggle for some celebrities that it took to get where they are now. I personally never was a big fan of Justin Bieber because I always believed he was a regular celebrity that got everything handed to him. The 15 minutes of fame I experienced really changed my point of view. Meeting Justin Bieber was a great experience because it taught me not to judge people before I know them.
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I was thinking to myself, I don't even see what's so great about him. Eventually 6:30 rolled around, and we all piled into Nicole’s dad's car.
The ride to the concert was exactly like the process of getting ready; all talk about Justin Bieber and replaying all of his songs. The closer we got to the concert, the less excited I was getting. When we arrived at the concert, the place was packed with hundreds of girls screaming how much they love Justin Bieber. My friends were part of the screaming girls, so I decided to lighten up and pretend I was an obsessive Justin Bieber fan as well. I never imagined there would be this many girls crazy about him and it was kind of funny to me because I was just thinking how ridiculous these girls looked.
Once the concert started, everything got 10 times crazier. Since Nicole and Amy constantly listen to Justin Bieber songs, I knew all of the words to a majority of his songs. Every girl was singing so I decided I might as well join in. After a couple songs, I was starting to enjoy myself. I couldn't believe I was saying that, considering I still thought the same of Justin Bieber as I did before the concert. The concert seemed to go pretty fast and before I knew it, it was time to meet him. Nicole and Amy were freaking out; the most excited I've ever seen either of them.
We found Nicole’s dad and followed him behind stage. I wasn't looking forward to this like my friends were and I figured this wouldn't be anything exciting for me. As soon as we saw him, Nicole and Amy went crazy. We all introduced ourselves once he walked over by us. He seemed a little surprised I wasn't going crazy like my friends, which I'm sure he never really experiences. He was actually really nice, but I was convinced that all celebrities come off that way at first. He invited us to get a tour of his dressing room and the places he hung out while waiting for the shows to start.
My friends were asking stupid questions but he still answered every single one of them. He noticed I wasn't very talkative or interested in what was going on. Amy decided to tell him I'm not a big fan of him and basically how I thought he got everything handed to him in his career. I was so surprised she would just...

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