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[Type text] [Type text] [Type text]10KaplanKristen KaplanDumasEnglish IV 3A5 November 2014Psychological Manipulation on WinstonIn 1984, George Orwell uses Winston Smith to show the struggle against psychological manipulation since he was the only man willing to fight the large government establishment to seek individuality. George Orwell uses Winston Smith to show the breakdown of a human's individuality through the psychological manipulation by the use of a common themes called physical pain, psychological manipulation, and the power of eliminating past history. The dystopian society in George Orwell's 1984 shows the negative toll the government takes on Winston Smith through physical pain ...view middle of the document...

George Orwell shows physical control through the torture of Winston Smith that caused him to eventually give up his individuality to conform to the government:There were times when his nerve so forsook him that he began shouting for mercy even before the beating began, when the mere sight of a fist drawn back for a blow was enough to make him pour forth a confession of real and imaginary crimes. There were other times when he started out with the resolve of confessing nothing, when every word had to be forced out of him between gasps of pain, and there were times when he feebly tried to compromise, when he said to himself: I will confess, but not yet. I must hold out till the pain becomes unbearable. Three more kicks, two more kicks, and then I will tell them what they want. Sometimes he was beaten till he could hardly stand, then flung like a sack of potatoes on to the stone floor of a cell, left to recuperate for a few hours, and then taken out and beaten again. (Orwell 240)The beating show the psychological manipulation the Party seeks to inflict by the way that the torture forces the subjects to think of imaginary crimes to make the torture stop. According to the Psychological Harassment Information Association, rejection registers in the brain as pain that leads to humans experiencing low self-esteem. This is the same emotion that Winston experiences after the tortures. "Rejection hurts, registered as pain by the brain and rejection can be used in attempts to harm and also to lower a person's self-esteem or self-worth". Rejection bruises a man's personality in a way that after experiencing physical pain or lowering of self-worth to eventually give up the on-going fight of trying not to give in to the aggressor. Another physical control the Party uses to psychologically manipulate the society mind is by forcing the society to participate in exercises then continue to force the workers to work overtime causing more physical and emotional exhaustion. George Orwell uses the example of physical and emotional exhaustion to show that individuals will usually believe what the government tells them when they are exhausted enough with insufficient time to research or to ponder the information:Winston was gelatinous with fatigue. Gelatinous was the right word. His body seemed to have not only the weakness of jelly, but its translucency. All the blood and lymph had been drained out of him by an enormous debauch of work leaving only a frail structure of nerves, bones, and skin. He had worked more than ninety hours in five days. (Orwell 179)George Orwell shows the toll of physical exhaustion from working over 90 hours in one work week causing the individuals of society not to question the government's watchful eye but instead focus on helping the human body to recover from the exhaustion. When living in a society afraid of physical pain from constant watch, this forces the individual to refrain from private views to just pass by. Arthur Westermayr shows...

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