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2012 Hsc Belonging Question Essay

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2012 HSC belonging question: An individual’s perceptions of belonging evolve in response to the passage of time and interaction with their world.

As individuals grow and mature with the passage of time, their life experiences and interaction with people, places and groups develops their perception of belonging and not belonging. This interpretation of belonging is explored in the poetry of Peter Skrzynecki particularly in ‘Feliks Skrzynecki’ and ‘postcard’ as well as Shaun Tan’s 2006 graphic novel ‘The arrival’ as each composer demonstrate the idea that an individual’s perception of belonging evolve in response to the passage of time and interaction with their world.
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Feliks is determined to preserve the unchanging elements of his Polish culture, he is able to do this with the support of his home garden in which he loved “Like an only child” and “Swept its paths ten times around the world” the use of simile and hyperbole express Feliks love and devotion in which he feels and contributes to his home garden, as it acts as a symbol of a connection of Feliks’ homeland of Poland, the place in which Feliks feels he truly belongs. Hence showing how individual’s life experiences through the passage of time with deep connections to particular places can develop their perception of belonging through their interactions.
Similarly in the graphic novel ‘The Arrival’ Tan uses various images without words to tell the story of an immigrant who leaves his homeland under threat, in pursuit of an enhanced and safe life. The immigrant feels a deep attachment to his original homeland and feels a great sense of downcastness as he prepares to depart. This is displayed by an image of the couple with the wife’s hand upon his and their heads bowed down in sorrow and dragons tail weaving through the city serves as a visual metaphor for the looming threat in which they city faces. The absence of written descriptions allows for individual interpretation and it is in this way the narrative of one family becomes representative of many.
Once the persona arrives in the new world he is processed mechanically and thrust out into the city, he does not understand the odd symbols of their language and the use of facial expressions used throughout depict a state of disorientation and despair as the persona and his family long to return to the home in which they left behind. However the author Tan uses visual motifs in the text throughout. The white origami bird appears as a motif throughout, as a symbol of a reminder to the father of where he has come from, as well as a constant reminder to carry on through tough times and as time goes by, his perception of belonging within his new chosen place will gradually evolve...

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