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20th Century Genius Award Essay

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The 20th Century Genius Award
October 19, 2011

The 20th Century Genius Award
The nominated figure that stands out in my mind as a genius of Western culture would be Albert Einstein. His work and cultural contributions can be classified in both the Age of Modernism and the Age of Pluralism for the 20th Century Genius Award. The following examples will include a synopsis of the life and times of Albert Einstein, A survey of the ideas and works recognizing the reflections of his genius, and an appraisal of his impact on the arts and culture.

Albert Einstein was born on March 14, 1879 to Hermann and Pauline Einstein a scientifically minded family, who were non-practicing Jews ...view middle of the document...

Albert was disappointed at the level of education that was presented to the students in his high school in Munich, in 1894 at the age of 15, he decides to leave Luitpold Gymnasium without completing school, and decides to join his family in Pavia, Italy.

In his Switzerland Years of (1895-1896), Albert Einstein enrolls as a student at the cantonal school in Aarau, Switzerland to complete his education. In (1896-1900), at the age of eighteen, Albert renounces his German citizenship. He then enrolls into the Swiss Federal Polytechnic School in Zurich where he will obtain his training as a teacher to teach in physics and mathematics. In (1900) at the age of twenty-one, Albert Einstein receives his diploma, in (1901), at the age of twenty-two, he obtains his Swiss citizenship, and unable to find a teaching job, he accepts a position as a technical assistant at the Swiss Patent Office. While working as an assistant at the Patent office, Einstein in his spare time produces, and completes his most important scientific paper. In (1901-1902), Albert teaches at a short-term school in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, and at the age of twenty-three, Albert becomes a father out of wedlock; Mileva gives birth to a baby girl Lieserl in Novi Sad, Hungary. In (1903) at the age of twenty-four, a year later Albert Einstein marries Mileva Maric, a fellow pupil, and daughter Lieserl was given up for adoption. Before their divorce in (1919), Mileva gave birth to two sons Hans Albert and Eduard (Belanger, 2006). One can only wonder if Mileva Maric was an inspiration or perhaps helped solve some of Albert Einstein’s famous works, and ideas.

Albert Einstein is highly regarded as the most important scientist of the twentieth century, known for his hypothetical and mathematical physicist. In 1905, at the age of twenty-six, Einstein obtained his doctor’s degree, and gained recognition for his series of works he submitted on Annus Mirabilis papers to a German physics journal. One of those well-known works was the special theory of relativity, which he explained the relationship between space and time. Albert also presented an equation that is well known as E=mc2, the letter (E) is for the relationship between energy, the letter (m) mass, and letter (c) for the velocity of light. In addition, Einstein began to struggle with the general theory of relativity, which projected, a curvature in space and time. The general theory added to his past work by projecting a hypothesis of gravitation by applying the movement of masses together, as oppose to gravity that causes gravitation. In (1909), at the age of thirty, Einstein resigns from his position at the patent office, and selected as Associate Professor of the theoretical physics at Zurich University. In (1911-1912), at the age of thirty- three, Albert predicts the bending of the light theory, and in the same year chosen Professor of Theoretical Physics at Germany University of Prague, and Professor of...

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