3 Characteristics Essay

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Three Characteristics

The quiet, eerie sound of the dark and mysterious forest gave my Friends’ goose bumps, but my motivation gave them something to Laugh about the rest of the way out. Everyone has their own unique qualities that describe them, some have more than others, but I consider myself to be a funny, adventurous, and a motivated individual. These adjectives are the most important words that describe me perfectly.
Furthermore, I am a funny individual mainly because of the countless funny stories that I’ve told that I experienced. For example the time that my friends and I were eating at some Italian restaurant in Tampa, we were savoring the scent coming from the pizza oven. As we were talking to each other, a strange man came to our table and started to talk to us about how he had seen familiar faces in new jersey, It’s ok, we didn’t get it either. As he left, the waiter came to us and told us ...view middle of the document...

About two months ago, I went with a group of friends on a camping trip. We had booked one wooden cabin that was located in the middle of the park. Our original plan was to get a fire, tell stories and then go to sleep, but I could never have gotten some sleep without exploring the park first. After we were done eating I told my friends that it would be cool to go explore the creepy forest. Of course they didn’t want to go, especially since we forgot to bring a flash light. It was then up to me to convince them to go, so I told them that maybe they were scared now but wouldn’t it be awesome to tell someone later on that we had the guts to venture into the dark forest?. While we were walking along some bike trail, I was looking closely for anything interesting, I came upon a branch that was blocking my way, so I pulled it, and a big branch must have fallen from the other side of the tree because the sound was so loud that all of us just froze for like ten seconds, then we started to run for the cabin. After the adrenaline rush, I realized that the trip was really worth it.
Finally, motivation is a big characteristic of mine because when I really want something, I’ll never give up until I accomplish my goal. For example a soccer game I had a couple of years back. I was about fourteen years of age when my soccer team made it to the championship finals. Before the game started, I was confident that I was going to do my best, but when I caught a glimpse of the first place trophy, I could feel the adrenaline going right through me. All the game I gave it my best, even though we were losing most of the time. This kind of motivation led to the team’s win and to the ownership of the big 2 foot long championship cup.
In conclusion, my life is full of laughter and wacky experiences. My experiences may not always be pleasurable, but I’ll always remember them and learn from them. I’ve also had the guts to venture into an unknown part of the forest and I chose my goals carefully and never gave up until I met them. Not everybody is the same, or are we?

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