30 Days: Muslims And America Essay

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30 Days: Muslims and America

This episode centered on a devout Christian man sent to live in one of the largest Muslim communities in the country in Dearborn, Michigan, for 30 days. This series intends to enlighten its viewers about the American experience by increasing awareness of specific issues affecting the country. David Stacy, a Christian father and husband from West Virginia, agrees to live with a Muslim couple, the Haques, believing the thirty days experience within the Islamic faith would only reassure him of the negative beliefs he holds about the Muslim religion. When asked about his impression of the word “Muslim,” he responded, “I picture men with AK-47’s and women ...view middle of the document...

edu). Islam also uses this tactic in its claims Mohammed is the true and final prophet of G-d, the Koran is now the true revelation of the Creator’s obligations to mankind, and Islam is the one and only true religion. This in effect makes the Hebrew Bible superseded and its promises to the Children of Israel null and void.

Although I appreciated the implications of this episode, where a Christian is socialized into an Islamic community, I realize the historical relationship between Christians, Muslims, and Jews has not been favorable to the “People of the Book.” European Christians practiced staunch anti-Semitic policies for well over 1700 years, culminating in the Shoah (Holocaust). Followers of Islam, outside of the USA, are now utilizing some of the same anti-Jewish rhetoric Christians perfected, such as the blood libel, the Zionist world domination conspiracy, and that Jews are satanic sub-humans.

I view both Christians and Muslims as “cut from the same cloth” and treat them with suspicion due to...

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