300 Review

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Tyler Faldet
Extra Credit: Film Review Assignment
Professor Debauche
300 Review
Over the weekend I happened to rent a few movies to watch with friends at my home back in Iola Wisconsin. I also had hopes that one of them would give me a lot of information, along with motivation, to write a review on using the different concepts that we have talked about in class. So way back in 2007 the American film 300, directed by Zack Snyder, and staring popular film stars such as Gerald Butler, and Lena Headey, brought millions and millions of mainly young and old men to the theaters. I personally remembered when it came out because everyone at school was talking about how amazing it was and quoting some of the lines from the film. And even with its popularity, I never did get the opportunity to watch the film, until this weekend.
The General Plot of the movie is narrated by a Spartan soldier Dillios, who narrates the ...view middle of the document...

The landscape although somewhat animated seems to be incredibly real. The lighting of the movie is different throughout the movie however it is usually fairly soft in my opinion. Another aspect of the movie which is created in the editing is that the battle scenes are rarely showed in real time. They are constantly being put into slow motion to show a spear piercing the enemy or an "immortal" being literally cut off of his horse. They also are sped up in sequence with the slow motion clips to show the intensity and rage of the battle. This style has been around for years yet was executed flawlessly and really put you at the edge of your seat.
There are pretty much two sides, the Greeks and the Persians. Each have motifs that are exposed frequently throughout the movie. The Greek warriors are built and every acute little muscle looks like it is about to rip through their skin. They look rugged and battle tested as well as very disciplined and obedient and proud. No matter what offer of royalty and wealth that is offered from the Persian Lord Xerxes, Spartan king Leonidas always turns down and takes as an insult to him and his people. The Persians have a freak show at a circus vibe. Their lord Xerxes believes that they are immortal and more powerful than anyone in the world. Their millions of warriors wear masks that remind me of Marti gras theme and have an added few fantasy creatures like a hunched back creature , rhino's, and an elephant.
In conclusion I would highly recommend this movie to anyone who likes movies about history and war. But also to anyone who is fascinated by insane cinematography work and special effects. I was shocked at how amazing of a movie 300 is and also by the fact that it took me four years to find that out, especially with all of the awards that it won from various film festivals and boards. It was very evident that many hours were put in from the creative costumes and makeup of the actors and actresses, to the studio and production crews to film and edit 300 just the way they wanted. My hat goes off to those people because they created a incredible movie that I will definitely be watching over and over in the near future.

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