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3d Printer Essay

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Emerging Technology Report of 3D Printer:
By Ali Sugule 11/22/13
3D printer, otherwise known as additive manufacturing is a machine that can turn a blueprint into a physical object. 3D printer is a process for making a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down many successive thin layers of a material. For example if you feed it a wrench, it produces a physical, working wrench or if you scan a coffee mug with a 3D scanner, send the file to the printer, and produce thousands of identical mugs. 3D printing can be used to create objects. At its most basic, 3D printing would allow you to design bookends that look like your face, or even custom action ...view middle of the document...

Most current 3D printers are not used to create final consumer products. Rather, they are generally employed for rapid product prototyping, or to produce molds or mound masters that will in turn allow the production of final items. Such printing of 3D objects already enables engineers to check the fit of different parts long before they commit to costly production, architects to show detailed and relatively low-cost scale models to their clients, and medical professionals or archaeologists to handle full-size, 3D copies of bones printed from 3D scan data. The range of products that have employed 3D printers in their design process or to produce final molds or mound masters is constantly growing

Business impact and Social impact: 3D printing is going to impact so many industries, such as automotive, medical, business & industrial equipment, education, architecture, and consumer-product industries. Leading companies are now using 3D printing to evaluate more concepts in less time to improve decisions early in product development. As the design process moves forward, technical decisions are iteratively tested at every step to guide decisions, both big and small, to achieve improved performance, lower manufacturing costs, delivering higher quality and more successful product introductions. 3D printing can offer benefits across the entire creation process from initial concept design to initial manufacturing and all steps in between. Different applications have unique needs and understanding those application requirements is critical when choosing a
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3D printer. Multiple systems may offer broader use opportunities than a single system, so identifying a unique requirements to apply 3D printing across the entire design-to-manufacture process can shorten time-to-market, improve product performance, streamline and cost-reduce manufacturing, and improve product quality and customer satisfaction will help to define the ideal 3D printing capability of the organization. Also, 3D printing can provide great savings on assembly costs because it can print already assembled products. With 3D printing, companies can now experiment with new ideas and numerous design iterations with no extensive time or tooling expense. They can decide if product concepts are worth to allocate additional resources. 3D printing could even challenge mass production method in the future. In the meantime, 3D printing provides the ability for companies to be proactive, and to make better products. They can produce designs quicker and cheaper, allowing more people from marketing to the factory floor to see and evaluate the products, and make changes where necessary. They can build multiple prototypes, to get in more hands, and have more input or they can build inexpensive prototypes for focus groups, and evaluate your products before they go to production. 3-D printing is particularly suited to low-volume, short production runs offering companies a more...

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