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3d Printing Essay

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3-D Printing: A New Approach to Art
Art is something that exists all across the world in many different forms. These forms go from paintings to architecture. Each and every person can appreciate art either through its original form or just by a simple reproduction of it. Reproduction can be in many forms, it can be a small toy for example of the Statue of Liberty, or it could be a photo, but no matter what someone can see the beauty in that photo or that small toy by just looking at it. Art in its original form will not be replaced and without reproduction someone can never really fully understand the art in its original form. Having reproduction gives people the chance to see ...view middle of the document...

Rick is saying that he did not have that image in his head of what the Alamo was, but when he went to the Great Pyramids he knew exactly what to expect and that it was something unbelievable. He did not see anything when it came to the Alamo; he never had the reproduction of it so he was not affected in the same way he was with the Great Pyramids.
Having a work of art reproduced gives the world a chance to see the beauty in all that is out there. Everyone cannot see historical places and having the opportunity to see something in a photo gives the person the feel for what it is like. “Mechanical reproduction allows a work of art to be liberated by the constraints of space and time. Not everyone has an opportunity to travel to Giza, China, France, Washington, DC, etc in order to view the original works. Reproduction brings the art to the viewer’s home so he or she can view it at their convenience” (Rick, “Art in The Age of Reproduction, A Primer of Sorts”). Rick says here that the reproduced image gives each person a chance to see it from their own home without having to travel the world to see the spectacular monuments throughout. Having reproductions gives each and every person the chance to appreciate a work of art.
Many people do not have a full appreciation for art. Some just like what the picture looks like, they do not care about the history behind it but simply just how it may look on their wall. So having this photo reproduced just gives them a work of art to hang in their home as a decoration. “Mechanical reproducibility does have another effect – it allows for the creation of art that which has no other purpose but to be reproduced“(Rick, “Art in The Age of Reproduction, A Primer of Sorts”). As Rick says some art is just not as great as many may think, but it does greater things by being reproduced. Homes get a decoration, or schools have a poster to hang in a classroom. Some things may go unappreciated historical wise, but when it all comes down to it someone will buy the reproduced version just because they appreciate the artistic end of the image.
The new technology of 3-D printing is working its way in to replace the value of original art. But that does not mean it has replaced it yet. 3-D printing has given viewers a new thing to see, a new way to experience something amazing. 3-D printing has allowed the blind to appreciate art because of the textile the image now has. “The press release also gives education reasons for the new venture, namely that the “availability and accessibility of the works of art can be enhanced” and that viewers will be able to touch the Relievos, offering a new kind of museum experience, especially for blind people”(Steinhauer, "Van Gogh Museum 3D Prints Its Own Paintings”). This article shows that this is a form of art that is new and in the process of...

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