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4 Mat Book Review

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Thursday, March 31, 2016



"Ambition to become a great spiritual leader actually frees the spirit from the idolatry of self-centeredness, because greatness in the spiritual world cannot be pursued without cultivating God-consciousness.” ...view middle of the document...

When a leader understand their philosophy it allows them to be effective. This will allow for constant evaluations of oneself as part of the self-awareness process that the author speaks to.
Regarding how decisions are to be made the author here goes against the grain in that he believes answering the right question is better that asking the right question. This allow the leader to make the most effective decisions. McNeal also believes that effective leaders take care of themselves spiritually, physically, and educationally to always be learning. This lends itself to a whole body approach to leadership. McNeal warns of the feeling being alone, this goes with the final principles of his book. However the author doesn’t believe that a leader necessarily has to be alone while serving in their respective position. There still can be a sense of family, friends, and overall together that the leader can experience while still holding his position. There are illustrations of many biblical figures to help drive the point home to the reader. McNeal mentions the like of Moses, David, Elijah, and Paul as a way for the reader to see how the undertaking of a tumultuous journey can end with favor with God.
McNeal stresses the use of group leadership when it comes to kingdom work. He urges leaders to not be ashamed to garner different leadership traits and styles to help accomplish the great commission. He also states that every leader has to have a sense of accountability to one’s self. This can be accomplished by looking at the traits that the leader possess and use principles that is being taught within the book to help accomplish his mission.

As I read this book what stood out to me the most was the chapter on self-management. I do not practice self-care very well. This has impacted me in my personal life more than what people can see. When I go to work people think that I am so happy and have it all together, however I do have it together at all. In fact through two deployments and different stresses in life that I was not prepared to deal nor take care off I have developed and adjustment disorder that is triggered by stress. I do thank the Lord that I do not have to be medicated for such things however it impacts all aspects of my life. I used to be someone that was on track ninety-five percent of the time, this is not the case at this moment. I need outlook reminders, and alerts on my phone for so many things. There are times that it is a struggle for me to just get out of bed and go to work. This was not always the case. The idea of self-management is something that all pastors and people in general need to take seriously.
McNeal also mentions the importance of managing money. I have lost my home because of mismanagement of funds. While I was doing what the Army asked of me in the Chaplain Candidate program I left my wife in charge of the finances. She had a lot of her plate and I just didn’t...

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