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4 Mat Review Enwhistle

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A Review of Entwistle’s Text:
Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity
Liberty University Online
A Review of Entwistle’s Text:
Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity
In the book Integrative Approaches to Psychology and Christianity by David N. Entwistle (2010), he examines the correlation between theology and psychology. He not only explores the relationship, he also breaks down how it is possible to integrate the two disciplines in practice. The first questions that are asked towards the reader are if theology and psychology are on opposing sides and if integration is even possible. Answering this question, he initially ...view middle of the document...

Spies focus on either psychology or theology and take from the other what they feel would be beneficial to people. Colonialists take what they can use from psychology that is in alignment with their beliefs. Neutral parties use the information from both disciplines to help people but compartmentalize the two. Finally, allies can fittingly integrate both psychology and theology because their alliance is not to either of the disciplines, their alliance is to God and they discard that religion is just “a vehicle to express psychological truths and to foster psychological benefits” (Entwistle, 2010, p. 206).
Now that Entwistle (2010) shows that the integration between psychology and theology is possible, he concludes the book by helping the reader to best understand how the ally model is the best approach to follow when integrating psychology and theology. He does this by aligning with Francis Bacon’s declaration that Christians find truth in the word of God and psychology seeks truth through the works of God which is the world. The bottom line of integration then becomes the fact that all truths are God’s truths (Entwistle, 2010), which is emphasized throughout the text. Because all truths belong to God, Entwistle (2010) helps the reader to understand that neither the truth of psychology nor the truth of theology has the upper hand because they are both God’s truth. It is this reason alone that the reader can conclude that the integration between psychology and theology is possible.
Concrete Responses
I don’t believe that this book brought any specific moment in my life, as much it brought my attention to the way that I used to be. In my early adult years, I didn’t have a solid relationship with Christ. As a psychology major, I saw the world and people through my experiences in the world and with people. As my relationship with Christ strengthened, my psychological view of the world began to change. It was no longer the thought process that people act a certain way because that is just how they choose to act as people are. I had the narrow view that people where just crazy so to speak. Crazy to me was people that were emotional, judgmental, and angry and so forth. As a Christian, I began to realize that people reacted a certain way in most cases because of their disconnection with God. It is this reason that I became interested in becoming a Christian counselor as opposed to a psychology based counselor.
Up until I made that decision, I would have fallen under the colonialist model. I viewed the two as two completely separate practices. This book helped me to better understand that when God is put first, all things are possible. If God created all, and there is good in all, then I no longer have to separate the two. They can be integrated successfully to help me better understand who I am as a woman of God. It has also helped me to understand that people are not crazy because they are of God and nothing...


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