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4 Types Of Assessments Essay

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4 Types of Assessment:
a. Initial assessment – assessment performed within a specified time on admission
Ex: nursing admission assessment
b. Problem-focused assessment – use to determine status of a specific problem identified in an earlier assessment
Ex: problem on urination-assess on fluid intake & urine output hourly
c. Emergency assessment – rapid assessment done during any physiologic/physiologic crisis of the client to identify life threatening problems.
Ex: assessment of a client’s airway, breathing status & circulation after a cardiac arrest.
d. time-lapsed assessment – reassessment of client’s functional health pattern done several months after initial ...view middle of the document...

Example: pallor, diaphoresis, BP=150/100, yellow discoloration of skin
Methods of Data Collection:
a.    Interview
a planned, purposeful conversation/communication with the client to get information, identify problems, evaluate change, to teach, or to provide support or counseling.
it is used while taking the nursing history of a client
a.     Observation – use to gather data by using the 5 senses and instruments.
a.    Examination
systematic data collection to detect health problems using unit of measurements, physical examination techniques (IPPA), interpretation of laboratory results.
should be conducted systematically:
a.       Cephalocaudal approach – head-to-toe assessment
b.      Body System approach – examine all the body system
c.       Review of System approach – examine only particular area affected
Source of data:
a.       Primary source – data directly gathered from the client using interview and physical examination.
b.      Secondary source – data gathered from client’s family members, significant others, client’s medical records/chart, other members of health team, and related care literature/journals.
In the Assessment Phase, obtain a Nursing Health History – a structured interview designed to collect specific data and to obtain a detailed health record of a client.
Components of a Nursing Health History:
Biographic data – name, address, age, sex, martial status, occupation, religion.
Reason for visit/Chief complaint – primary reason why client seek or hospitalization.
History of present Illness – includes: usual health status, chronological story, family history, disability assessment.
Past Health History – includes all previous immunizations, experiences with illness.
         Family History – reveals risk factors for certain disease diseases (Diabetes, hypertension, cancer, mental illness).
Review of systems – review of all health problems by body systems
Lifestyle – include personal habits, diets, sleep or rest patterns, activities of daily living, recreation or hobbies.
Social data – include family relationships, ethnic and...

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