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4 Types Of Media Essay

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1. There are 4 types of media.
Oral Media. Oral communication is the best when you need to encourage interaction, express emotions, or monitor emotional responses. (Textbook, page 96)
Advantages – Provide opportunity for immediate feedback. Promote interaction. Allow the expression of the emotions behind the message.
Disadvantages – Restrict participation to those physically present. In most cases, reduce communicator’s control over the message. Other than for messages that are prewritten and rehearsed, offer no opportunity to review or edit spoken words. (Textbook, page 100)
Written Media. Printed messages have been replaced in many instances by electronic media, although the print ...view middle of the document...

(Textbooks, page 98)
Advantages – Deliver messages quickly. Can increase accessibility and openness in an organization. Offer the persuasive power of multimedia formats.
Disadvantages – Easy to overdue. Present privacy risks and concerns. Create productivity concerns. (Textbook, page 100)
In my opinion electronic media is the most effective. It is fast, easy, cost effective and timely effective. When Tsunami attacked, I saw video clips on the TV. Watching the video of the destruction live is better than visualizing it with a few photos in newspaper. The pace with which social media has captured the mindspace of people across the globe has been overwhelming to say the least. Today it has become an integral part of our lives.
The information people provide on their social networking profiles are fairly accurate. Views or information provided in conventional sources of data collection such as web forms and surveys may be biased. But the information provided in social media is mostly genuine. In the end, it is safe to say that in the coming years, as more and more people have access to internet, the significance of social media market research will only grow and other methods would propabably cease to exist.
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There are many circumstances which may prompt an employer to discipline an employee for misuse of social media. I also agree that we should also consider whether the employee engaged in legal, off-duty conduct etc.
At a minimum, an electronic media policy should prohibit employees from disclosing confidential business information or making discriminatory or harassing statements of any kind. The policy should prohibit employees from using the company computer to defame the company, its employees, managers, customers or vendors. It should describe acceptable use of electronic media at work (for example, business use only), clearly express that employees have no right to privacy when using the company’s computer system, reserve the right to inspect company equipment and monitor employees’ internet use and make clear the company’s right to take disciplinary action for violations of the policy.
While electronic media and social networking sites are new, the risks they pose for employers can be managed with forethought and creativity. Employers should understand these issues and take action to address them.

2. Brainstorming. Working alone or with others, generate as many ideas and questions as
you can, without stopping to criticize or organize. After you capture all these pieces, look for patterns and connections to help identify the main idea and the groups of supporting ideas.
Journalistic approach. It approach asks who, what, when, where, why, and how questions to distill major ideas from unorganized information.
Question – and – answer chain. Start with a key question from the audience’s perspective, and work back toward your...

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