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401 Develop And Implement Effective Communication Systems For Health & Safety Information

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UNIT TITLE: Develop and implement effective communication systems for health and safety information
UNIT NO.: 401
Unit Aims
Candidates must demonstrate that they possess the skills and understanding required for:
• Evaluating health and safety information external to their organisation.
I use several sources of Health and Safety information to ensure that we keep up to date with the latest legislation and recommended best practice. The main source is Peninsula Business Services Limited they assist us with our duty and provide information and guidance on how these provisions should be managed and recorded.
Other information sources include; HSE website, IOSH website ...view middle of the document...

An example of communication with the HSE and local authorities is through the submission of RIDDOR Report No. 02260305. (#2) This was for an incident that took place in August 2008 where an employee strained a muscle in his back whilst opening the warehouse door. I would also be responsible for providing a report to the HSE following an inspection.
I also communicate with contractors or suppliers with reference to them providing me with Method Statements, Risk Assessments, COSHH Assessments, etc. (#54). Contractors and visitors to the company also read and sign off the visitors record book which contains relevant health and safety information that they should be aware of during their visit (#29 & #66).
Knowledge Related Assessment Criteria.
Knowing how to develop and implement effective communication systems for health and safety information.
(4.1) Explain how to develop and implement effective communication systems for health and safety information.
The ways and means of communication comes in several formats; electronic media, hand written, verbal, visual and graphic. We use all methods of communication but our main three are the use of notice boards (#59) throughout the company, the “Employee Information” drive on the computer network system and we also have monthly meetings with all employees present, where we discuss any relevant issues.
Communication is extremely important in an organisation; your employees need to be aware of any important issues or changes to the management systems, especially health & safety. Everybody in our organisation has a computer so they all have access to the employee information drive, the notice boards are located in the kitchen areas and the warehouse and also by having these regular meetings, I believe that we have developed an effective communication system within our organisation.
(4.2) Explain the principles and concepts of:
(4.2 a) written and verbal communication.
When I first started in the company 33 years ago the traditional and formal way of providing the necessary information was by producing written policies and procedures. Today this is still a way of providing information, until recently all employees had their own copy of Policies, Procedures, Flow Diagrams and Risk Assessments etc. and this was a good way of distributing the information and getting the employee to sign for their personal copies to prove that they had received copies and read and understood them.
Although verbal communication is an excellent way of communicating information, this can easily be forgotten.

One of our employees is registered deaf, he can lip read very well, but this gave us a problem with some Manual Handling training we recently had. We had to employ two signers for the course because it was essential that the employee was properly trained and understood what was being communicated during the training course.
(4.2 b) electronic information, retrieval, storage and communication systems.

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