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5 Stars Hotels In Dubai Essay

2395 words - 10 pages


Al Bustan Rotana

1. Hotel facilities 3
2. Accomodation 3
3. Dining & Entertainment 4
4. Club Rotana 5
5. Meeting & Events 5
6. Recreation 6
Burj Al Arab
1. Hotel information 7
2. Room information 7
3. Hotels services 8
4. Restaurants & Nightlife 9
5. Activities 10
6. Water sports 10
7. Wild Wadi Water Park 11
8. Golf 11
9. Sightseeing 11
10. Shopping 12

Al Bustan Rotana
When stepping into the newly renovated Al Bustan Rotana Dubai, guests are enchanted by its unique blend of traditional Arabian hospitality and modern luxury, synonymous only with a Leading Hotel of the World. This 5 Star hotel in Dubai offers luxury accommodation and is an ideal ...view middle of the document...

Voted ‘Best Thai Restaurant’ in Dubai, the Blue Elephant restaurant has a delightful and diverse menu, artistically presented dishes and friendly, efficient staff. The menu offers a truly magnificent variety of dishes, prepared with only the freshest ingredients from around the world. A memorable occasion is guaranteed whether dining a la carte or during its exciting theme nights.

Every Monday: Phuket Night
Take a culinary adventure around Thailand at Blue Elephant. Join us as our expert Thai chefs prepare an exquisite buffet using the freshest ingredients for an authentic taste of Thailand. Enjoy a wide choice of regional delicacies with a focus on Phuket, Thailand's largest island.
Every Tuesday & Saturday: Royal Thai Buffet
Chefs will take you on a journey to the savoury flavours of fresh Thai ingredients prepared live in front of you. Escape reality into the unique atmosphere of Blue Elephant Restaurant and dine like a king.

Every Thursday: Sawadee Siam Night
Come and enjoy Blue Elephant’s exquisite Asian dining experience with its delicious flavours and exotic atmosphere which delight both your eyes as well as your palate. Our great Chef flaunts a beautiful array of traditional mouth-watering dishes from all regions of Thailand.
Restaurant “BENIHANA”
This spacious American-Japanese restaurant is located near the lobby and serves inspirational creations like sushi, sashimi and Makimono rolls. The fast Teppanyaki show, where chefs flip shrimps’ tails into their hats and cut sizzling food faster than the eye can see. Guaranteed entertainment for the whole family!

Every Saturday & Tuesday: Sushi Night
Enjoy a lavish buffet of authentic sushi, sashimi and other Japanese delicacies freshly prepared by our expert chefs for only.
Every Sunday: Teppanyaki Night
Come explore a feast of all your favourite Teppan dishes. Warm up the choicest Salmon, Hammour, Prawn, Beef and chicken at the expert hands and humour of our funny teppanyaki chefs.

Every Wednesday: Seafood Teppan Night
The menu is based on nothing but seafood such as Miso Soup, Benihana Salad, Prawn Appetizer, Hibachi Vegetables, prawns, Hammour, salmon, and Australian Creamdori. For the desert, sample assorted cut fruits, chocolate fountain, Banana with Japanese Red Bean and.

Club Rotana
Club Rotana is a Hotel within a Hotel that offers lavish personalized hospitality, harmony and all the extras that make a stay memorable. Rooms are designed to meet the needs of business traveler offering highly personalized and efficient service.

Exclusive features in Club Rotana accommodation include: 
* Exclusive Club Rotana Privileges 
* Club Rotana Lounge 
* Complimentary breakfast and selected beverage served throughout the day 
* Complimentary evening cocktails 
* Complimentary Internet access throughout the day 
* Dedicated Meeting room with comprehensive facilities 
* Audiovisual equipment and secretarial service can be...

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