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5 Things To Consider While Building Online Training Courses For Your Employees

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In this article, we take a look at 5 key things to consider when developing online training courses for your employees.

5 Things To Consider While Building Online Training Courses For Your Employees

What To Consider While Building Online Training Courses For Your Employees

Remember the time when corporate training or a corporate learning program was executed in the classroom style? All the members enrolling for the training had to be present in a physical classroom. You needed one trainer/teacher to come and take classes, usually during the working hours. Otherwise, employees had to be goaded into coming to work on the weekend to complete the training. Today, it is a ...view middle of the document...

Identify the level of interactivity.
Gone are the day of lengthy, static, text-heavy content. If an eLearning program has to be effective, then it has to be engaging. With so many advancements in eLearning technology, building in interactivity by leveraging multimedia elements is often the starting point to developing an engaging program. Multimedia elements such as audio, video, and graphics etc. help in reducing the cognitive load of the learner significantly and can be great when there is a big chunk of content that needs to be absorbed. However, it’s easy to get carried away and cram in too many multimedia elements into one program. Exercise restraint and use multimedia to highlight the important elements in the program. Remember, less is more.
Keep it simple: Defining language and length.
For online training courses to be successful, they have to keep the disseminated information brief, to the point and easily understandable. This is certainly not the forum where you display your extensive vocabulary! In an eLearning program, use simple language, break up the modules into short, bite-sized chunks, and make it accessible anytime anywhere. Making an eLearning module mobile optimized immediately makes it more attractive for consumption as the employees can access it whenever they want. You also need to ensure that the navigation system is simple and that each module starts with clearly defined learning objectives and goals. If you are creating online training courses for a global audience considering localization can contribute immensely to the success of the program. If you want to train your employees in the United States and China at the same time, then looking at localized eLearning that goes beyond the basic text translation and takes into consideration things like cultural sensitivities, industry specific terminology, preferred tools, and technologies of the region etc. immediately increases the effectiveness of the eLearning program.
Determine the approach.
Determining your...

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