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7 Great Ways To Keep A Relationship Alive

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7 great ways to keep a relationship alive

credit: summer luu
I’m happy to say I finally feel like I’ve worked up enough credit to be able to speak on this topic (after 13 years of marriage), and aside from some ups and downs in the first couple years, I’m also pleased to say that things really have gone well overall!
I’d be a fool to believe that it’s all plain sailing now even after years have gone by, and it’s with this in mind that I reflect on some of the things I’ve learned (often through trial and error, mishaps and regrets!) along the way.
So here are some of the greatest ways to keep your relationship alive, make you appreciate your partner more, and ultimately stay happy!
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You can do this by delaying other tasks that are not as important – if you have an hour free, go out for coffee together! This is something I’ve really tried to step up over the last year or so – we try to go out for breakfast together on a semi-regular basis now, and at the very least devote some alone time with each other when we’re able to.

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4. Speak kindly.
You’d think this one would be obvious, but the first year pet names of “lovey, honey-pie, snookums!” often become a distant memory the longer a relationship is together. Even if you don’t call your partner pet names so much anymore, don’t forget to treat each other with respect. Speak kindly! Don’t put the other person down.
5. Address problem areas.
One area of mine that I (still!) need to work on, is being tidy with my clothes. I love nothing more than to get changed and toss my old clothes into a corner of the room. This works great when you’re living with your parents or at college, not so great in a marriage! If something’s irritating you about your partner, talk about it (not scream!), tell them how it makes you feel. Don’t get defensive, work on addressing problem areas in your own life – it will make your relationship a whole lot better!
6. Don’t...

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