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7 Signs You May Need A Responsibility Makeover

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7 Signs You May Need a Responsibility Makeover
Erica Hopkins
GEN 200
Dr. Crystal Sears

7 Signs You May Need a Responsibility Makeover

I believe that not everyone knows about personal responsibility. It should not be looked upon as a handicap, but as one area within everyone that can be developed. Once developed, personal responsibility can contribute to life achievements, goals obtained, and more sense of control over one’s own life. This is great because I think there are a few basic things to look for in your life to identify if you are someone who could really use a good look at yourself. Read on to find to if you can identify with any of the following signs. Do you ...view middle of the document...

Should we not be raising the standards of our citizens? You can always educate yourself, start a home business, invent something new, or just shoot for a better higher paying job. Sometimes may not be the job exactly. Maybe it is the co-workers. Do co-workers make you hate your job? NO! Nobody can make you feel anything you are responsible for how you feel at all times. If there are some people who are constantly negative, do your best to avoid these people or do your best to encourage a more positive outlook on life and the job. Realizing that you are in control of your career level is one step toward being more responsible for yourself.

Number 6. You use the word IF a lot. Statements such as these will be uttered endlessly: “I would have a better job if I had a more education.” “If I had more money I would be able to obtain more of my goals.” Learning more = knowing more. I used to think this way, before I started educating myself more and more. But, I actually do think I know more than many who are not educated. I really do not get the point here. You may not know how to complete an algebraic expression and then you go to school and boom you learn. What education lacks is life experience, expansion of the spiritual self, and freedom of untamed thoughts. :) Also, I really don't think it is the school you attend that creates the quality knowledge, it is the student attending the school. So, yes school of life holds a lot of knowledge and the local library is one of the best schools available. The diploma is not for me to show people that I am smarter, it is to show the potential employer. It is the quickest way to prove yourself. Most of this I learned while playing LIFE. There is no room for if in life. If does not exist for anyone. There is doing and not doing. The only time an actual if happens is when you decide to do something about your situation or not to do anything. Being personally responsible means constantly asking “what else can I do to make myself a better person?”

Number 5. You may blame your dog for accidents. Your dog cannot let itself outside and even with a dog door you must train your pets to behave as you expect them to behave. There have been people I have met in my life that treated their dogs like they were supposed to be some sort of intuitive, highly intelligent being that is here for their convenience. Even in this situation where you were not the one who actually had an accident on the carpet, you are responsible. Looking at this example you can see how understandably the dog owner will be upset. But, if that same energy was channeled through responsible behavior this pet owner may just end up with a...

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