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911 In View Of Person Inside

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11th Sept 2001: Just like other days, 11th September 2001, was quite cold. I woke up at 7:00 AM; opened the window. The sun was already up, crows were fighting, birds were chirping, grandparents were ready to leave for a morning walk.
I was getting late for my work. I decided to take a bath, eat my breakfast, and leave as soon as possible. At 8:00 AM I left for World Trade Center.
Everything worked quite well. I dressed up on time, and left for World Trade Center. The streets were already up with traffic, buzzed up with the sound of horns, workmen leaving home, bus stops crammed with people. That was the real America. Everyone was busy in their daily routine.
I reached World ...view middle of the document...

I was on the 30th floor of the building. After some time I heard a sound of fall. Like something has fallen off.
When I look out of my window I noticed smoke coming up from above.
I opened up my room’s radio to hear the news. The news stated that Flight 11 has crashed North Tower of World Trade Center. The incident took place between 93rd and 99th floor.
Four planes were hijacked, two of which hits World Trade Center. Third plane hits Pentagon outside Washington DC, and the fourth plan hits the field in Pennsylvania.
My phone starts ringing; relatives started calling to know if I was fine.
Suddenly a voice of ringing door came. Dare to open the door; I told myself and hid up in the toilet. They came and took me up.
Everything went numb. I heard the sound of the gunfire. When I was walking through the corridor, I noticed many people have died because of attack; whole place changed into a grave. Nothing was working right but thanks to god I am alive. Everything went silent. I can only hear the news on our TV screen.
From the news I came to know that 2996 people have been killed which includes 19 hijackers. Of this 246 passengers were travelling on the four planes. 2606 people were killed in World Trade Center. 125 were killed in Pentagon.
Later, I found that some of my colleagues have been killed by the terrorist, and I was waiting to be killed by those murderers.
Sounds of ambulance, police and fire brigade are heard making me think if they can get high alert a bit earlier.
Everyone was terrified, and nervous; waiting for themselves to be killed by the group of terrorists.

Some from the lower part of the building evacuated from the place whereas other waiting for the help to arrive. Thank God, I was among them.
Coming out of the building; I can see nervousness and insecurity on everyone’s face.
The loss can be seen on the faces of small children. When a media worker asked one of them about the incident, he started crying and said, ‘This incident has separated many...

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