A Bachelor's Complaint Of The Behavior Of Married People

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As we know that Charles Lamb was a bachelor and worked at The South Sea House and India House, he had experiences some bitter and humorous experiences from there. These experiences sometimes seem humorous and sometimes seem pathetic. In the essay “A Bachelors Complaint”, he tells about some of the bitter experiences and expresses his agony for the behavior of the married people whom he thinks pretend lovers. Here he says, " What oftenest offends of at the houses of married persons where I visit, is an error of quite a description:- it is that they are too loving". He thinks that the married people generally show that they “too loving" and they show these things to the unmarried people "so ...view middle of the document...

Lamb's purpose in writing "A Bachelor's Complaint of the Behavior of Married People" is to bring to attention the attitudes of Married People. He wishes for his audience to realize how Married People subconsciously flaunt themselves in their love, offending those who are single. Ultimately, he hopes that Married People will bring themselves to correct their mistakes and be more considerate towards others. He structures his argument by stating his main reason for decrying Married People is because he believes them to be overly involved with each other and their love that they disregard and "perk it up in the faces of [singles] so shamelessly." From this claim, Lamb offers personal anecdotes as well as hypothetical situations that illustrate and support his points. He concludes his essay stating that although he despises their attitudes, he is still willing to "forgive their jealousy and dispense with toying with their brats"but thinks it "unreasonable to be called upon to love them." Through Lamb's willingness to forgive these people whom he disapproves of, he is seen to be credible with good valuesand his readers are more inclined to believe his words and work to correct the attitudes of Married People.
The structure of Lamb's argument logically appeals to his readers, for it flows and clarifies his points through examples. However, Lamb fails to address any possible counterarguments. His argument addresses only the negative aspects of Married People, but surely there are positive sides as well. By failing to address and disprove these possibilities, Lamb leaves room for doubt. Despite this, his argument stands strong the examples he gives are cogent and, through his personal anecdotes, he is able to establish a connection with the audience. He also appeals emotionally especially to the singles, for he is a bachelor himself. The injustice that he sometimes feels can appeal to others who have felt the same way. Overall, Lamb appeals effectively to his readers through his use of pathos, ethos, and logos. Although there are some flaws in his arguments, they are overlooked and undermined by his credibility and emotional appeal.
Lamb's style of writing in this essay is fairly colloquial. He is very assertive in his argument, and states his points with conviction and support. These assertions are highlighted by his occasional use of italics throughout the essay. At the beginning of the essay, Lamb firmly establishes a line between him and Married Peoples imply by capitalizing "Married People." In doing so, he sets them apart in their own group of Married People, symbolizing that this is truly how it is in reality too: Married People set themselves apart in their own groups through their attitudes. They really do seem to be off in their own little world of love, and this is what Lamb dislikes. Towards the end of the essay, Lamb brings up the subject of children and how they also contribute to the Married People's attitudes. He brings out all the...

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