A Beautiful Mine Essay

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I watched the movie called "A Beautiful Mind". The movie is all about this guy called John Nash. John Nash was known as a really smart mathematician. But he was greatly affected with some kind of a illness. This kind of illness is considered a mental disease. It also greatly affected his career at the time. John Nash had developed schizophrenia, which people define as split mind or the splitting of the mind. When you have schizophrenia, it's caused by unpredictable things distracting a person. Now it's one of the most common mental disorder people develop. There has also been research found that men develop schizophrenia more earlier than women do. It usually occurs when you are in ...view middle of the document...

Magazines were like Time magazine and other magazines. Then one night John was attacked but someone. Someone tried to shoot him and kill him when he was in a car. John escaped from the shooting and went home. He locked himself in a room and didn't even talk to his wife about it. One the next day he went to see this guy and talked to the guy. The guy said "I told you the attachments were dangerous. You chose to married the girl." The best way for John to be safe is to continue working and doing his job. Another day when he was teaching there were people after him. He ran out during his lecture, was captured, and was injected with a needle. He was then taken away. Ever since then his life was ruined. John was put in to a secret mental institution. During his time there, he came to the point where he knew he had problems. As you are watching you can tell he has problems because he also thinks in his mind that there are many other people. But it's actually all non real people. It was just his...

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