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A Bird Came Down The Walk

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The British History
Part I. The Dawn of Civilization to the Norman Conquest
Section I. Ancient Britain
Stonehenge, the circular arrangement of large stones near Salisbury, England, was probably built in three stages between about 3000 and 1000 BC by the Beakers.
In 123, Roman Emperor Hadrian began building a wall to keep the warlike northern tribes out of Roman territory. After the Romans left in 410 AD, Celtic culture again became predominant, and Roman civilization in Britain rapidly disintegrated(解体).

Section II. Anglo-Saxon England
The Celtic hero King Arthur led his Round Table Knights to fight against the invasion of Anglo-Saxons.
The coming of Vikings
The Vikings ...view middle of the document...

The 16th century was also an age of great voyages of discovery by the Westerners. England was later than Spain and Portugal but in Elizabeth I’s times it caught up with them with greater energy.

II. The English Revolution
Oliver Cromwell brought about a brief political union between England and Scotland as Lord Protector of the Republic in 1654.

III. Industrial Revolution
It refers to the mechanization of industry and the consequent changes in social and economic organization in Britain in the late 18th and early 19th century. Britain was the first country to industrialize, beginning with the textile industry.
In the 18th century in Britain, new production methods were introduced in several key industries, dramatically altering how these industries functioned. For the first time technical and scientific knowledge was applied to business practices on a large scale. Humankind had begun to develop mass production. The result was an increase in material goods, usually selling for lower prices than before. The...

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