A Brief Biography Of Rudyard Kipling

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Rudyard Kipling was born on December 30, 1865 in Bombay, India (British Empire). When Rudyard was a young boy, he and his sister, Alice, had an Indian nurse who told them great stories about the jungle animals. These stories stayed with Rudyard throughout his life. When he was about six years old his parents sent him and his sister to England to be educated. The two children were sent to live in the home of a retired naval officer at Southsea where they were very unhappy. Rudyard was often punished by being forbidden to read. He almost ruined his eyes by reading every book he could get his hands on. Later on, Kipling ...view middle of the document...

He was constantly reading things like French literature, the English Bible, English poets, and storytellers like Defoe. This is where he developed faith in England and the English people.When Kipling was seventeen he went back to India and became a reporter at a daily newspaper called the Punjab, the Civil and Military Gazette. In order to get material for the newspaper Kipling traveled around the country for seven years and got to know it very well.After establishing a firm reputation, Kipling married an American woman named, Caroline Balestier. The husband and wife began a trip around the world together. The couple settled in Vermont and had a child. After living in America for four years Kipling and his wife decided to move to England, their true home. They rented a house in Sussex village and in 1897, their only son, John, was born.Kipling and Caroline took long visits to South Africa where they developed a friendship with Cecil Rhodes. They also took another trip to North America which varied their Sussex lives. They soon bought a house in the Sussex Downs in 1902 which had cultivated land surrounding it.Rudyard Kipling received the Nobel Prize for literature in 1907. Kipling's son was killed while fighting for France in World War I. Kipling died on January 18, 1936, the same month that King George the V died. He was buried in Westminster Abbey with England's honored sons.

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