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A Brief Essay On The Music Of Bach

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BachThe piece I chose to examine was the Brandenburgconcerto No.4, composed by John Sebestian Bach. As I waslistening to the piece, I realized that I actuallyrecognized several elements, which we have discussed inclass. The tempo of this piece is relatively quick andupbeat. The pitch level was ...view middle of the document...

Many instruments came into play throughout thispiece which I thought created an enjoyable harmonizingsound. As the piece continued, I noticed many dynamicchanges. It began with a loud and strong beginning and attimes it would descend down to a softer tone. After this Inoticed it quickly descending up. I heard a constant rhythmthroughout most of the piece; however, at times it sloweddown to put more emphasis on the instruments being playedas an accent mark. I noticed that the violin had a pleasantsound production, which clearly exemplified Bach'sexpression. The timbre of the violin and organ create adifferent color. The piece ends with a slight tempo changeand continuous harmony occurring with the higher ad lowerpitches reinforcing each other in consonance

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