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A Canvas For Women Essay

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We often forget to acknowledge the women who have made a difference to our life. For instance, our mother, sister, friend or daughter. They may not have had a blazing career or a record-breaking list of achievements under their sleeve, but their love and sacrifice have helped us meet our goals. Unfortunately, they are exposed to the imaginary of being as weak and many more. What women want is a world where they are all treated as human beings of equal worth and dignity, that they are not discriminated by law or practice just on the basis that they are born female. Now it is high time for us to assert that women should be perceived equally to men. Women should be ...view middle of the document...

If men go to work on weekdays and give all the needs of the family, women on the other hand do the laundry, cook for the family and run a household for every single day. On top of that, the biggest and valuable role of a woman is to get pregnant roughly in nine months and the children will be well kept and pampered from babyhood to adolescence by their mother.
Furthermore, there are also wives and single mothers who work for the family. This means, they are not only being the housekeeper, they also have to be the breadwinner. Precisely, two jobs in one time.
Many people don’t realize that men and women have different natural traits that complement each other. The combination of those traits can produce a good association. Men are firmer while women are more delicate and softer. In parenthood, a father is usually firmer and this helps the children to have more respect on him. If the father is firmer, a mother is more delicate, caring and has a soft heart. Indirectly, children feel more comfortable to do anything with her. They can easily express their feelings, share their emotions, and also point out their thoughts. The perfect match of firm and delicate eventually will lead to better children in future. Men are also more protective and women are more defensive in a sense of children and family.
The second reason that supports the assertion of women’s equality is that women nowadays are as highly employed as men in many sectors. As pointed out by Hanna Rosin (2010), a typical working wife contributes 42.2% of the family income compared in 1970’s, which was only 2% – 6%. Furthermore, she added that 4 out of 10 mothers, who many of them are single mothers, are the primary breadwinner in their families. That’s not all, Hanna Rosin (2010) also stated that early in 2010, women became the majority of the workforce for the first time in U.S history. Some may ask, how far have women reached in employment sector and some may say, women are not as fantastic as men in employment sector. Yet, the drastic changes, transformation and achievements made by women in employment sector are refutable no more.
The natural abilities that women have are suitable with the requirements demanded now. As we can see, most women have the qualities that are considered as vital and valuable. Here, those qualities are social intelligence, open communication skill and management skill. That’s not all, creativeness and collaboration are also part of the vital and valuable qualities. These qualities help and encourage women in raising their standard and position in employment sector and due to that, people should now forget the ideology saying that women appear as merely a ‘decoration’ in the workplace. This isn’t a pure fiction, many employers have admitted that female employees had fulfilled these qualities compared to male employees.
As an evidence, a study of the top 1,500 U.S companies from 1992 – 2006 stated that firms that had women in top...

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