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A Car For Women Only Essay

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A Car for Women Only
My presentation is about a luxurious car for women only. I will use a commercial that appeals to insecurities and desire to promote the product. The agenda of my presentation is as follow: 1. My motive for choosing this product 2. My target customers 3. What features I’d like to promote 4. How to communicate 5. Conclusion.
1. My motive for choosing this product
One day, when I was walking on the street, my attention was suddenly caught by an attractive woman who drove a really fancy car that definitely cost a large sum of money. She looked so carefree and comfortable. It seemed that nothing could bother her. Then, I started wondering, “Why would such a pretty woman ...view middle of the document...

However, these thoughts are wrong according to Marti Barletta, a researcher on female marketing. “What women want is much deeper than that!” she claimed. In fact, all women want is “freedom and sense of security”, especially this group of women.
Because of their social status, these women are usually restricted to some norms. Therefore, they yearn for freedom. On the other hand, living in such a complicated environment and without their husband’s company, these women are eager for a sense of security.
Hence, in order to provide them freedom, the cars’ design is small enough so parking will not be troublesome, and it is very easy to drive; in order to provide them a sense of security, the best customer service is provided and the sellers are all trustworthy and professional. Needless to say, elegant vogue also features the car. To sum up, rather than just a vehicle, this car is a loyal and fashionable friend of these women.
4. How to communicate
A survey shows that compared with men, women get information mainly from television, followed by word-of-mouth and display in stores. Therefore, television commercials should be the most...

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