A Career As A Certified Public Accountant

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Certified Public Accountant
Growing up is scary. Especially when the future is unpredictable, finding the right job can reduce this. It is tough as a kid to think about how to spend the time in the future and what to be doing as a career. There are a lot of decisions to be made. For example, in order to pick the accurate college it is worthy to know what interests me as an individual. There are questions that can be answered that will be able to suggest a better idea of what jobs apply. Well, in the future I would like to have a career as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).
The Revenue Act of 1924, which President Calvin Coolidge signed into law to give CPAs the recognition by the ...view middle of the document...

By the time you finish all of your college classes and exams, the average age of a CPA is 29. There are no health or physical requirements; however being healthy comes in handy, especially during tax season. Personality is a big qualification to become a CPA. In order to become a good CPA you need to express an opinion on financial forecasts and projections. You need to have a good moral character and be very organized. You must be able to keep track of appointment, meetings, as well as deadlines (“Requirements to Become...”). CPAs tend to be very patient and have good time management. Time management is very important during the month of April. In order to have a less difficult time you should be good at math and calculations, but this skill is not a necessity, there is still time to learn (De Schrijver).
Education and experience are the make it or break it’s of a job. There are some requirements to become a qualified CPA. You need to have had some form of related work in a public accounting firm as well as 1 year of experience (2,000 hours). Education is a big key in deciding your future and making decisions. A master’s degree in accounting is the education level required to even start the process of becoming a CPA. You must have properly documented tax research with 150 semester hours of education. As well as passing the CPA exam. The exam consists of 4 parts; auditing and attestation (4 ½ hours), financial accounting and governmental (4 hours), regulations (3 hours), and business environment (2 ½ hours). All education requirements must be completed within 30 days following the exam (“CPA exam”). If all of these education and experience requirements have been met, congratulations you are now a CPA.
There are approximately 646,500 people employed all over the world as CPAs. The career of a CPA is at an all-time high for hiring. CPA firms hired 40,350 new accounting graduates last year, including 23,793 graduates with bachelor’s degrees and 16,557 with master’s degrees, according to the AICPA survey. The previous high recorded in the survey was 36,112 in 2007. Hiring fell off during the slump but began to recover in 2010 when 33,321 new graduates were hired. New York has the most CPA positions available for the reason that all four major accounting firms are located in New York. A CPAs job description includes being able to maintain and take company financial records, oversee budget and financial management, perform duties related to bookkeeping, preparation of government audits, taxes, and financial planning, and work with tax returns and analyze financial information to ensure taxes are paid on time.
Depending on the amount of time you have been working and where you are working will determine the wages you make. If you have been working under a year the average yearly income is $49,738. However the longer you work the more money...

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