A Case Study For Same Sex Schools And Classrooms

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As our world becomes more sophisticated, education is generally available to both genders all around the world; you may attend single-sex or co-educational colleges. While some believe that students should be educated with different instructing methods according to their gender, I disagree with this point of view with the following reasons.

Firstly, boys and girls have a different set of thinking methods, so by staying in the same class, they can learn from each other's thinking skills and thus improve their own critical thinking methods.

The different set of thinking methods is generally believed to originate from the different toys boys and girls play with at an early age. Boys ...view middle of the document...

Therefore it is necessary for boys and girls to learn in the same classroom.

I also object to the point that boys and girls should be educated using different teaching techniques. While it is generally viewed that boys are more logic-oriented while girls are more emotionally attached, it does not necessarily mean that all boys are better in logical thinking. There are many girls who are good at mathematics or logically-related subjects, as exemplified by numerous famous female scientists like Madam Curie, while there are many men who are emotionally oriented, as exemplified by many famous musicians like Chopin, a Poland

composer. Therefore teaching techniques should not be differentiated through gender, but by something else, like intelligence, personalities, and academic results.

There is a debate as to whether boys and girls should attend separate schools or not. Some people think they should be integrated and others believe that they should attend separate schools. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both arguments, I agree that boys and girls should attend separate schools because they can concentrate better on their studies and will have respect for the opposite gender.

A single-sex educational environment allows both boys and girls to concentrate on their studies. This is especially important for teenagers. Take for instance a boy and girl that are around the age of 16. It is not uncommon for teenagers of this age to date. If two teenagers are dating but begin to have problems in their relationship, they may spend most of their time at school concentrating on each other. If they are in the same classes, this will be even more of a problem. But if they attend separate schools, they are more likely to concentrate on their studies while they are at school. Young people...

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