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A Citizen Of Salem, Ma During The Witch Trials

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A Citizen of Salem, MA During the Witch Trials
HIS 1110, American History
A Citizen of Salem, MA During the Witch Trials
It is a belief to some that the Salem Witch Trials were more economic in purpose than a religious persecution. I also believe this because of several reasons. The main reason that I believe that they were more economic than religious is because the people that were being accused of witchcraft for using their powers of witchcraft on others in the town were being accused whenever something went wrong in the town. Most often, when a witch was accused of doing witchcraft, their family had to pay as well. The family would have to sell their homes because of this. When they sold their house, it would give the people in the town more land and allowed for others that were ...view middle of the document...

They say that the witches were causing people to hallucinate and everyone feared that they would be effected by the witches.
Persecutors of Salem wanted to put anyone who was believed to be practicing witchcraft to be put in jail. These witches were considered to have a bad affect on society and the village people wanted to try to free their village of the fears from the witches. I don’t believe the persecutors were going after the witches for not believing in the same God but because they felt that the witches were performing witchcraft on the people of Salem. There were so many people that were accused of performing witchcraft that it is kind of hard to believe. Any time there was something wrong with someone, it was taken to a jury and told that someone performed witchcraft on them. Then the person being accused of witchcraft was almost always put in jail. When someone went to jail, it was hard for their families to survive. Most of these families had to move out of their homes or were ordered to give them up, the town was gaining more and more land. The town was benefiting from putting these people in jail because they now had more land that they could sell to the rich and make money off of it. Many people of Salem believe that the richer people were the ones who tried to get the poorer people out of town by accusing them of witchcraft which would force them to leave either by going to jail and by having to move from their land. The rich people of Salem did not want the poor people to get rich where the main merchants were off of Ipswich Road.
There are many different opinions as to why the people of Salem accused and persecuted the witches. I still keep my opinion that the Salem Witch Trials were a way for the rich people of Salem to push out the poor so the town could make more money.  

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