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A Common Fault Of The Vacuum Filters Oil Machine

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Vacuum filter oil machine common failures and troubleshooting methods
Efficient vacuum filter oil machine, also called the vacuum filters oil machine, is a kind of for various oil filter material to filter purification treatment equipment, it is for the protection of oil, improving the quality of the oil, to safety fill oil tank has a very important role.palm oil processing plant
Vacuum filter oil machine used frequently, the hard to avoid in the process of using all kinds of problems, in this paper, some of the common failure types are classified and refined, convenient for users to make their own judgment and processing.
Fault phenomenon: 1, filter oil machine vacuum does not meet technical standards
Reason 1) filtered oil water cut too much, eliminate the gas water vapor.
Methods (1) normal phenomenon, need many times on the oil filter, improve the oil temperature, evaporation of water vapour.
Reason (2) might ...view middle of the document...

Methods (1) change the tubing length, set up a more reasonable tubing or replaced.draught fan
Reason 2. Oil suction filter to too many impurities, which causes the difficulty in oil absorption.Filter element is the core of the filter oil machine work, long time use will lead to filter impurities gathered inside, oil suction filter clogging can lead to pressure.Processing method (2) replacement cartridge filters, cleaning filter shell.
Fault phenomenon: 3 vacuum pump oil filter oil machine
Reason (1) oil water cut too much, the oil floats up suction vacuum pump, vacuum pump liquid level rise too much, processing method (1) to maintain oil position, shall not be higher than the oil line.
Fault phenomenon: 4 oil or without temperature control block
Because (1) the oil temperature thermometer faults or heater burn out, line break, contact arm did not match.Methods (1) maintenance line, change the heater, adjust oil control.
Fault phenomenon: 5 drainage pump pressure, oil shortage
Reason (1) at the beginning of the filter mesh jams, vacuum spray holes in cylinder block treatment method (1) the corresponding component is removed for cleaning.
Reason 2. Oil pump oil seal leakage
Processing method (2) if you don't need to change oil seal, can adjust the oil seal gland.Filter oil machine fault and exclusionsRice bran oil dewaxing
Automatic vacuum oil filter machine in filtering operation, between the filter plate spray is expected to occur, the reason may be that: first, take in the compression side of filter plate frame, folding phenomenon in a filter cloth is there, then affects the oil through if there is a ruffle.The second check whether the filter cloth is broken
Check again on both sides of the beam have appeared different degree of lateral bending (horizontal) finally see thrust plate not pressure or pressure of the hydraulic cylinder force is small.If the above problems, the measures for cleaning filter oil machine filter plate carefully when feed residues on the surface of the pressure filter cake (especially the lower), or flush the filter plate in time, ensure the surface cleaning filter plate pressure;To fasten on filter cloth, make sure it is flat and level.

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