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A Comparison Between A Behaviorist Approach And A Socio Cultural Approach To Child Rearing

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Carla Sells
University of St. Thomas
EDUC 5339
Dr. Tera Torres
July 27, 2014

The process through which the social, physical, emotional as well as intellectual development of a child is promoted and supported for a child to grow from infancy into adulthood is what entire child rearing or parenting encompasses (Perez & Gauvain, 2009). It is therefore to be noted that child rearing goes far beyond physically bearing a child and as such involves various other relationships. As commonly perceived, the role of rearing of children is predominantly supposed to ...view middle of the document...

For example, a researcher adopting socio-cultural approach in studying the process of child rearing may be interested in understanding the child’s relation between the mental activity of the child and the environment within which he/she is raised. Elementary functions as well as higher functions of human mind can be explained through the socio-cultural approach through conscious experience. The elementary attributes in child rearing are concerned with perception, sensation, attention and memory among others while the higher functionality concerns intentional meaning as well as capacity to solve problems strategically among others (Wertsch & Stone, 1985).
Other attributes through which child rearing may be influenced by socio-cultural factors is through attitudes, beliefs, values as well as shared behavior as are factors defining culture (Rubin, 2010). When a parent or a guardian perceives a behavior in a child that is not adaptive to the social norms then the behavior would be prohibited while that which is adaptive is encouraged. The most general attributes that socio-cultural approach in child rearing takes into consideration are together with a child’s empowerment, holistic development, relationships and general features in community and family.
Behaviorist approach
Behaviorism have been adopted in studying and explaining reasons why people behave and do things as they do, it is perceived as quite complex while explaining the process of child bearing. Parents and or guardians adopt various tools while nurturing children especially in regard to learning and appreciating good behaviors (Wood, Bruner & Ross, 1976). According to the approach, the persons rearing children view combining reinforcements (like praises), rewards and rules as very effective tools in guiding the young children. Accordingly, the approach differentiates the development of children by age and explains the most useful tools to use while rearing children at different ages. While rewards, rule and reinforcements make the best tools for tender children, explaining and reasoning make good tools for children at a relatively advanced age. The effectiveness of the various tools therefore advocated by the approach depends on the age of development at which a child is when introducing the tool. In general therefore, behaviorism alludes to the processes through which parents and guardians rearing children adopt in order...

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