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A Comparison Of Christianity And Taoism

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A comparison of
Christianity and Taoism

It is not precisely known when the concept of religion was first introduced to mankind but, it is thought to be pre-existed when the very first form of human civilization emerged. Thus, the religion always occupied the greatest part of human civilizations. As the civilization advanced, the religion also advanced. About two thousand years ago, there were few powerful countries which could exert both cultural and religious influence on the surrounding countries. Among them, Rome of the western part of the world and China of the eastern part of the world had developed their own religions, Christianity and Taoism respectively. Christianity is ...view middle of the document...

The believers called Christian are eager to do missionary works. However, the authority of Taoism is a bit different from the structure of Christianity. At first, Taoism had the same authority structure with Christianity. Its organization held the same authority the Christian organization holds. However, as time goes by, Taoism became the basis of Chinese culture and its religion status began to melt down. Its belief and rituals became part of the culture like Confucianism. The public were busy seeking fortune of life and the controlling authority including monks and priest dwell in its temple and was busy practicing ascetics. In other words, the doctrine was divided into two parts, one part for public and the other part for the monks. People freely performed religious rituals at home and believed in what Taoists believed but, the fact that they were Taoists was forgotten. The authority did not seek out what the publics were seeking. They wanted to harmonize with Tao instead. The gap between the authority and public became larger and larger and finally, they lost connection. Thus, the Taoism organization holds neither powerful authority nor close connection to the believers.

Secondly, the Belief. The main beliefs of Christianity are that the God is only God and is omniscient. Christianity also believe in Jesus Christ was God and through his life the original sin of mankind was pardoned and the way to salvation was opened. They also believe in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, his ascension, Heaven and Hell. It is written in the bible that the place Jesus Christ went after his ascension was Heaven but, those evils and disbelievers would go to Hell and suffer eternally. Jesus Christ promised to come back and Christians are still waiting for his return but, sadly, his return day will be the judgment day and only few would survive. During 16th and 17th century, there was an incidence that changed the belief of Christianity, it was called reformation. As a result of reformation, Christianity was divided into two representative groups, Roman Catholic and Protestantism. Roman Catholic is the traditional Christianity whose authority is still held by the pope and Vatican. However, the Protestantism does not believe the authority is held by the pope and Vatican but, the bible. These two disagree with each other’s way of salvation. Further details will be treated in the later part of this paper. The main beliefs of Taoism are Wuweiziran and Tao Te. Wewei means without artificial and ziran means the mother nature, in other words, we should adapt to the mother nature without artificial. Tao in Tao Te means way and Te means virtue, that is, the way of virtue. Tao Te was originally introduced by Laozi saying that people could achieve success by living a life of humbleness, wuweiziran (without artificial) and wuweiweyu (without desire). In addition Zhuangzi expanded the idea of Tao Te. He said, one day he fell asleep. In his dream, he became a butterfly and...

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