A Comparison Of Information Security Surveys

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A Comparison of Information Security Surveys Conducted by the Computer

Security Institute and Ernst & Young of Public and Private Sector Organizations

University of Maryland University College

A Comparison of Information Security Surveys Conducted by the Computer

Security Institute and Ernst & Young of Public and Private Sector Organizations

Emerging technologies utilized for electronic commerce are offering organizations the opportunity to reexamine strategic business models, processes, and relationships (Turban et al., 2008). The business environment is quickly changing as a result of new technological ...view middle of the document...

, 2008). Therefore, this paper will examine two independent surveys conducted in 2008 by the Computer Security Institute (CSI) and Ernst & Young (EY) of public and private sector organizations. The survey methodologies employed by CSI and EY, the results of the collected data and key findings will be discussed. An analysis and comparison of the surveys to include both methodologies and findings will also be offered.
Computer Security Institute (CSI)
CSI is a professional membership organization serving practitioners of information, network and computer-enabled physical security from the level of system administrator to the Chief Information Security Officer (About the Computer Security Institute, 2009). CSI “serves the needs of information security professionals through membership, educational events, security surveys and awareness tools” (About the Computer Security Institute, 2009, para. 1). The following is a summary of CSI’s information security survey methodology employed in 2008 as well as results and key findings:
Information Security Survey Methodology

Survey Distribution and Objective

In January 2008, CSI distributed surveys to 5,000 computer security practitioners in the United States (U.S.), via hardcopy and e-mail. When this survey was distributed in 2008, the survey recipients were members of CSI or had attended several CSI conferences and were employed by U.S. corporations, government agencies, financial, medical and academic institutions (Computer Security Institute, 2008) (see Table 1 for the major industry groups surveyed and percentage breakout of survey responses). CSI’s objective was to determine how public and private sector organizations in the CSI “community” had been affected by network and computer crime in 2007 and if these organizations were developing policies to secure their information systems and data (Computer Security Institute, 2008).

Survey Questions
The following questions were included in CSI’s 2008 information security survey (Computer Security Institute, 2008):
➢ How many employees are currently in your organization?
➢ What is the total annual revenue of your organization (if applicable)?
➢ How much of your organization’s IT budget was allocated for information security?
➢ What percentage of your organization’s IT budget was allocated for information security awareness training?
➢ Has your organization experienced any information security incidents and how many have you had to deal with in 2007?
➢ What percentage would you attribute financial losses within the organization to insider information systems attacks?
➢ What were the key types of information security incidents experienced by your organization (i.e. virus, insider abuse, laptop theft, unauthorized access, and financial fraud)?
➢ What types of security technologies were used by your organization (i.e. anti-virus software, application-level firewalls, encryption...

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