A Comparison Of Psychodynamic And Social Learning In Regards To The Development Of Personality

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A Comparison of Psychodynamic and Social Learning in Regards to the Development of Personality "No Works Cited"

“Psychologists define personality in many ways, but common to all of
the ways are two basic concepts, uniqueness and characteristic
patterns of behaviour. We will define personality as the complex set
of unique psychological qualities that influence an individuals
characteristic patterns of behaviour across different situations and
over time.”

(Psychology In Life, Phillip .G. Zimbardo, page 509)

The psychodynamic approach:

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However, Freud never studied children, which makes
some people doubt his theories.

Freud’s theory was developed from speculation based on clinical
experience with patients in therapy, almost all of them women.

“Freud’s work is the assumption that personality is shaped and
behaviour is motivated by powerful inner forces.”

(Psychology In Life, Phillip .G. Zimbardo, page 519)

Psychologists who study personality development try to discover why
individuals differ and therefore look for continuities in behavioural
functioning over time.

Psychoanalytic therapy was developed by Freud, it was a long-term
treatment used perhaps several times a week were he tried to analyse
and resolve an individuals childhood. Issues such as these are
considered to be primary unconscious and are kept from consciousness
by nature through a complex defence system.

“There is a tendency to be over critical about Freud’s theories, but
it is worth remembering the theory was constructed during a different
epoch from ours and his concepts were quite revolutionary for there
time. His ideas have endured – and not just in psychology. They appear
in literature and art and everyday life. This testifies to the fact
that there must be some important meanings in the theory. Many of
these meanings have become such a part of commonplace knowledge that
you are not even are that they are Freudian.”


Page 766)

“ Freud founded developmental psychology, proposed one of the first
systematic theories of personality, and devised a form of therapy that
was unsurpassed for over 80 years. Psychoanalysis has been widely used
and adapted, though it tends to be suitable only for literate and
wealthy people because of the time and expense involved.


Page 766)

The social learning developmental theory argues that personality is
learnt through interactions with the environment.

“Psychologists with a learning theory orientation, however, have quite
a different focus. They look for environmental contingencies –
reinforcing circumstances that control behaviour. From this
perspective behaviour and personality are shaped primarily by the
outside environment.”

(Psychology In Life, Phillip .G. Zimbardo, page 527)

Alfred Bandura used an observation learning theory, he emphasised the
role of observation and modelling. Bandura believed that children
would more likely imitate the behaviour of people who are warm and
loving towards them, competent and powerful and most similar to
themselves. He believed reinforcements or rewards may be used or
expressed as enjoyment, pride and satisfaction from the child.

Although, Brunner believed that it was the ideas about stimulus and
not the stimulus itself that was...

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