A Comparison Of The Opening Few Minutes Of We’ve Got The Builders In And Brat Camp

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A Comparison of the Opening Few Minutes of We’ve Got the Builders In and Brat Camp

Both programmes have different audiences and therefore the director,
producer and editor of the film must work together to target their

“We’ve got the builders in” is targeting at a male audience, who most
likely, too are having the builders in and are interested in what will
happen and how builders and the situation should be dealt with.
Although many DIY programmes are directed at women, due to the fact
that this has the word builder in and men usually deal with the
builders and it is a male orientated employment, it is clear from the
title that this is ...view middle of the document...

The ellipsis of time allows a lot of time to be compressed into a
brief amount of time as to follow the builders over a long period of

Todorov ideas of narrative are clearly noticeable in “We’ve got the
builders in.” The equilibrium is seen from the opening credits as we
see a high shot of a city landscape, which demonstrates normality. It
then cuts to showing various people and couples talking of their plans
to develop their homes or property. The disruption comes when the
builders move in and the general problems that come with them. For
example, the problems with the drainage. The following scenes show how
the people deal with the disturbance, in this case the builders, where
the man asks what is happening and questions the builder’s work in
relation to the drainpipe and the problems of it.

“Brat Camp” establishes its audience from the outset, firstly as it is
on Channel 4, commonly associated with defiant and irregular TV and
due to the start of the programme announcing that this show will
contain “strong language,” which suggests that this programme is going
to be rebellious, bold and dangerous, exactly what the audience wants.

It appeals to the audience of teenagers, as they are able to associate
with the characters involved. The montage of the teenagers as sweet,
innocent children appeals to parents as they can also relate to the
parents of the children who have watched their children gradually
separate away from them. This is demonstrated when the child pleads
for forgiveness, which is emotional blackmail, something parents can
relate to and thus empathise with.

To show this change from innocent child to angry, rebellious teenager
also aids the narrative as it gives firstly a sense of time and to
show the disruption, in the example of “Brat Camp” the change in their
personality and behaviour which is to be straightened out.

The start of the programme shows all the children in their normal
lives which allows the teenage audience to associate with all or one,
which most befits their character.

The teenagers in the program are represented very stereotypically. In
the first scenes, when they are shown in their normal lives they are
shown as rebels to society or ‘different’. Many are either ‘chavs’ or
‘grungers’, which teenagers can relate to....

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