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A Comprehensive Overview And An Analytical Insight Into Human Resource Management At Barclays Bank Plc

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A Comprehensive Overview and An Analytical Insight Into Human Resource Management at Barclays Bank Plc


This report is being produced to fulfil the criteria required for unit
4 of the AVCE course in business. It gives a comprehensive overview
and an analytical insight into human resource management at Barclays
bank plc. The report particularly focuses on the possible conflict
between Recruitment and Selection and Training and Development. At
Barclays bank plc in view of current economic climate for banks of

My report is going to include the four following functions:

1. Human Resources Planning - this ...view middle of the document...

This is where personnel department comes in. It has a
standardised set of procedures that are regularly evaluated and

; Redundancies

One toughest job for human resources manager is to deal with
redundancies, when the company finds that it has too many employees
for the work available. Redundancy occurs when the company stops
trading altogether, so that everyone is out of work. In addition, when
the company continues to trade but no longer requires the services of
some of its employees because the need for their particular job has

3. Training and development - this will include

; Training

It is sensible for any organisation to encourage its staff to take
further qualifications or to participate in training programmes. This
will mean that they will be capable of taking on different types of
work or doing their existing job more efficiently.

The necessity of training will enable junior employees to develop
their skills and obtain higher-level qualification. Also the existing
employees will be able to cope with the change the their jobs, e.g.
the introduction of computers and word processing.

; Identification of the key aspects of the business's training and
development programme and an explanation of the importance of those to
the performance of the business

; Identification and analysis of the relationship between the
business's training and development programme and its management of
performance and an explanation of how these two functions ors may be
influenced by different theories of motivation

4. Performance management - this will include

; Knowledge of purpose of performance management and a description on
how business's approach may be influenced by motivational theory.

; Industrial relations

It is the job of the human resources department to negotiate with
trade unions.

The human resources managers of an organisation will liase with shop
stewards and/or local union officials, at either branch or district
level, over issues with which the union would be concerned.

5. Possible conflicts - this will be included with the performance

; Identification of any possible areas of conflict between the HR

; Exploration of one HR function in depth with effective examples of
how the work is carried out and how it is evaluated in terms of its
contribution to the activities of the business

; A Critical understanding of the contribution that effective HR
management can make to improving the competitiveness of the business

; An evaluation of the potential conflicts between different HR
management activities within the business

After I have covered all the points above I will then at the end will
draw up a conclusion about the whole assignment and put my opinion
forward on what I...

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