“A Critical Assesment Of Religion Today In The Philippines: Reality And Challenges; Weaknesses And Oppurtunities”

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Professor: Fr. Dave Capucao


Religion is humanity’s way to be in connection with the divine. It can be traced centuries ago. In the Philippines, religion existed already during pre-colonialization. However it was only during the colonialization period that religion becomes a power to reckon and established its significance to the Filipino people regularly.
Today our country has been open to any religious practices. In a recent statistics Roman Catholic is the most numbered among other religious practices. More than eighty percent ...view middle of the document...

Only religious leaders enjoyed the money they received from politicians, and the ordinary members of a particular religion has been used only by their leaders. One Christian group for example which I don’t like to mention, threaten to excommunicate their members who will not follow what their leader told whom to vote during election. This idea is so absurd, and personally I am very saddened by this kind of manipulations.
Another issue that becomes so obvious in the practice of religion is that it has become a source of income, in other word it becomes a business. Many people who are excellent in preaching or public speaking likely to found their own religion as it may help them to gain money. A lot of religious leaders who are poor initially becomes very rich. There were many priests in the Roman Catholic who leave their congregations and founded their own. Some charismatic group leaders becoming richer and richer. Honestly speaking most of its members are poor but why are those leaders becoming wealthier. These leaders were supposed to be the one to help their members integrally, but what really happen is that, they only focus on preaching and preaching while collecting money from these underprivileged people.
Another assessment of our religious practice today is that mostly it is of a western influence. Some practices and rituals especially in the Roman Catholic has not yet been inculturated. We have not yet been able to free from...

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