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A Critical Review Of Strategy As Revolution

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Hamel strategic revolution seems to be the value of re-cognition. In the "Strategy is revolution", Hamel said that "Let us face the reality of it: the world is about to reach the asymptotic limit of the development." For enterprises, "or else it will hand over to the next challenger who has a revolutionary or innovation spirit, or on their company's strategic approach to a revolution." Therefore, Hamel made to establish a new strategic concept: "Strategy is Revolution, everything else is just tactics

Optimization, Innovation and Revolution Strategy

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In the knowledge economy, information technology in high speed and under the age of globalization, strategic innovation will undoubtedly be raised to a higher level which contains innovation. (Hamel, 1996:69-73)

Facing both opportunities and challenges of innovation and development as a business idea, they should to improve the quality of business operation, and effectively improve the core competitiveness, innovative way of thinking and working to promote the business work better and faster development. According to Lesakova (2008, p. 8), innovation is the activity of transforming a new idea into the practical life.

RBV and Revolution Strategy

Resources view the enterprise as a set of specific resources and a combination of special abilities. The theory was first named "Resource View" (The Resource-based View) is Wernerfelt (1995), but the resources can be traced back to the origins of the concept of Smith(1976) and Marshall(1961), Penrose (1959) developed the internal growth of Marshall's theory that business growth boundaries exist in the enterprise, rather than outside the enterprise environment. Penrose believes that a company is a collaboration of many individuals and groups which composed of the administrative structure of activities, but also a bunch of productive resources, both of which together limit the growth of enterprises. Hamel’s assumption is that: To invite new voices into the strategy-making process, to encourage new perspectives, to start new conversations that span organizational boundaries, and then to help synthesize unconventional options into a point of view about corporate direction -base are the challenges for senior executives who believe that strategy must be revolution. In Penrose, who inspired by the many scholars from the perspective of resources and capabilities a source of competitive advantage to study, and the establishment of VRIO analytical framework, such as Barney (1991, 2002).

Resource-based View is the main theoretical ideas. View of the enterprise as a resource of human and material resources of a combination of (Penrose, 1959; Wernerfelt, 1995; Barney, 1991). Enterprises are different because the resources have unique, business use of these unique resources or capacity to establish or implement their own strategies, such as low-cost strategy or differentiation strategy, so as to bring a good performance. Bradford and Duncan (2000) said that competitive advantage comes from its own strategy-related resources----Strategically Relevant Resources. They pointed out that for businesses, not all of the material, human and organizational capital are strategy-related resources, only which will enable enterprises to create and implement strategy and improve its efficiency and effectiveness of capital is the strategy-related resources, that is only able to promote enterprise resources to achieve sustainable competitive advantage is the company's "strategic resources”. (Michael Allison and Jude Kaye,...

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