A Critique Of A Health Promotion Tool (Breast Awareness) And Disscussion Of Health Promotion Models

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The purpose of this essay is to critically analyse a health education resource, to show knowledge and understanding of the use of health behaviour models and to understand the concept of health promotion. The health education resource chosen by the author is presented in the form of a leaflet promoting breast awareness. Health promotion is "any planned combination of educational, political, environmental, regulatory, or organisational mechanisms that support actions and conditions of living conductive to the health of individuals, groups and communities". (Joint Committee, 2001, p.101). The purpose of health promotion is to encourage the adoption of "healthy" behaviours. Health promotion is ...view middle of the document...

Health consists of five dimensions, which are: Physical health, Emotional health, Social health, Mental health and Spiritual health.Main BodyHealth promotion is a fundamental component of the health care systems. The health promotion relies on the health triad model, which consists of 3main domains as mentioned above in the introduction. The author will now go into more detail about these three domains. Health education - All aspects of positive health education are comprised in the domain. This includes helping individuals, groups or communities develop positive health impute, such as self-esteem and life skills by influencing behaviour (Butler, 2001).Health Protection - This domain focuses on the increase of positive health and the prevention of ill health. It also comprises regulations and policies (Downie et al 1998).Disease Prevention - Planning and measures taken to stop disease or health problems before health event occur. This domain is split into three levels of prevention: primary, secondary and tertiary. Primary prevention - seeks to stop the onset of illness or injury during the pre-pathogenesis period.Secondary prevention measures leads to early diagnosis therefore treatment can be carried out promptly to prevent more severe pathogenesis.Tertiary prevention measures focus on the rehabilitation following significant pathogenesis, the role of tertiary prevention is to limit the affects of the pathogenesis has on individual's lives (Cottrell et al 2002).A model is a framework used as a tool in health promotion to plan actions. Health behaviour is the focus of health promotion models, is to promote health successfully the models purpose is to promote a change in the individuals behaviours or to adopt new behaviours. Behaviours are modified by a number of internal and external factors, such as demographic variables e.g. gender, age, socio-psychological variables e.g. personality, social class and structural variables e.g. Knowledge about disease (Butler, 2001). There are numerous models used in health promotion but the author is going to concentrate on 3 of these models. The first model the author is going to look at is "The Health Belief Model" (HBM). The HBM is one the first behavioural change models to be developed; it is one of the most influential approaches to explaining health related behaviour. The HBM is a model of cognition, based on the predictors and precursors to health behaviours. Changes in behaviour are dependent on 5 factors - Perceived severity - cues to action, the belief that a health problem is serious. Perceived threat - susceptibility, the belief that one is susceptible to a problem. Perceived benefit - the belief that changing one's behaviour will reduce the threat. Perceived barriers - a perception of the obstacles/costs of changing one's behaviour, self efficacy - the belief that one has the ability to change one's behaviour (Butler, 2001). This model is most commonly utilised in primary and secondary...

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