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The two articles in question are Peter A.Brown’s “Restoring Perspective: $1000 for the prom is immoral” and Mitchell Farnum’s “ Color me Pro-choice”.
First, let us discuss Brown’s article “Restoring Perspective”. I have never heard of Peter A.Brown before and if this is the kind of stuff he churns out, then I’ll say “Thank you God” if I never have to read another word of Brown’s composition’s in my life. If somebody thinks that’s a little extreme, then let me point out Brown’s shortcomings in the literary sense. Brown straight away succeeds in alienating the reader by forming two different groups.
There is nothing wrong in having two different groups for instance America has ...view middle of the document...

Another phrase he uses to define the ‘you” group is indulgers in the “immoral wastage of money”
The funny thing is that his argument does have a point but since he wants to ram it down my throat, my defense mechanism immediately gets my hackles up. His tone is arrogant , his words pompous such as “decadence”. His tone so repulses me that I get deaf to what he says.
Brown could have said that this principal did this. I think it’s a good thing ..because of this and this, and what is your opinion, he could have asked. He does the same thing but he does it like” ‘I‘m a leper and he is in a passing limousine. Well, my verdict is thumbs down on Brown and it would have been the same if Brown had been a gladiator and I would have been a roman centurion.
On the other hand, Mitchell Farnum gets a smile out of me although he does mention and hints at controversial matters like Nazi, abortion, racism etc. He says that he is against Orientals joining his club, because it is his club. He makes the rules here .Although he does not say it, I get the message that maybe if Orientals join any other person’s club, Farnum will neither approve nor disapprove.
In short Farnum scores heavily by using common words, simple words ..in an angry tone. He gets away with his anger because he says do whatever you want and let me do whatever I want too.
His article and his style make me clap the table hard in satisfaction. I want to cry out “well said sir”. And my anger is directed against Brown and his –common sense endowed principal. The winner in straight sets is Farnum, without question

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