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A Descriptive Analysis Of Harvard Referencing And Why We Use It

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The Harvard referencing system originated at Harvard University and was introduced to the academic community so the reader of an assessment can identify when the words or ideas of an author are being used. This is so students work properly referenced using the Harvard system, isn’t going to make the reader think you are claiming somebody else’s work as your own. Other referencing styles include: Chicago, APA and MLA.
The Harvard Style of referencing is widely accepted in scholarly circles. Each reference is indicated in the text by the author and date of the publication cited, sometimes with added information such as page numbers.
When writing a piece of academic work (i.e. Essays, ...view middle of the document...

• Piece together text from one or more sources and add only linking sentences without proper citation.
• Copy or submit whole or parts of computer files without acknowledging their source.
• Copy designs or works of art and submit them as your original work.
• Copy a whole or any part of another student’s work.
• Submit work as your own that someone else has done for you.
Referencing is also important for reasons other than avoiding plagiarism. These are as follows;
When the referencing system has been used correctly it shows that you have read widely on a certain topic. Also it is supporting your own work with comments that could come from expert authors which can give your work credibility. Another reason is, it is allowing the marker or the reader to check the references and check the validity of the arguments used themselves.
In the text of the write up or essay, it should identify the source being used by giving the authors name and the year of publication of the work to the reference has been made.
Below are two ways of referencing in text:
• Paraphrasing
• Direct Quotes
When paraphrasing, the ideas of the author are expressed in your own words, and are used to indicate to the reader:
• The understanding of the content in the reference that is being used
• The ability to relevantly and appropriately use ideas and information to support an argument or an opinion
The authors name and the date of publication need to be included by the below:
• Adding the citation at the end of the sentence
• Using authors name as part of the sentence
Direct Quotes
When quoting, the exact words of the author(s) are used. Direct quotes should be kept to a minimum. When using direct quotes, include the author’s name, date of publication and page number.If directly quoting from a work use single quotation marks around the text being quoted.
Include the author’s name and date of publication by either:
• adding the citation at the end of the sentence
• using the author’s name as part of the sentence

Below are some examples of the Harvard referencing system.
Two or three authors

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