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A Feasibiity Study Of Establishing African Oil Palm Farming In General Santos City Chapter 1

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Chapter I

This chapter discusses the problem of the study. It contains the background and rationale, statement of the problem and objectives, significance, scope and limitation, research design and methodology of the study.
1.1 Background and Rationale of the Study
Due to increase in population size, the world today craves for a higher consumption of biodiesel, vegetable oil, health supplements, cosmetics and other food and non – food products that people cannot live without. One main source of these products is African Oil Palm. According to Escobar et al. (2008) the African Oil Palm is the most productive species among oleaginous plants. It is a traditional native crop ...view middle of the document...

This calls for the need to expand sustainable African Oil Palm farming worldwide.
Other variety of products can also be obtained from African Oil Palms. These include food and non – food products. According to Salmiah (2000), Food products that could be obtained from African Oil Palms are composed of edible and industrial oils and fats, vitamins A and E, shortenings, vanaspati, margarines, ice cream, cookies, crackers, cake mixes, icing, instant noodles, non - dairy creamer and biscuits. Non – food products that can be obtained from it are animal concentrates, soaps, detergents, cosmetics, lotions and even polyurethane, polyols and polyacrylates.
There is already an existing African Oil Palm Farming in the provinces of Sarangani and Cotabato. Optimum climate and management factors have a positive correlation to the yield potential of African oil palm. The main climatic factors affecting growth and yield of African oil palm are rainfall, temperature, topography and solar radiation. The physical characteristics of the soil are also an important factor to be considered. The climatic conditions of General Santos City are almost the same with the climatic conditions of existing African oil palm agricultural lands in Region XII.
Given all these facts, the researchers want to conduct this study in order to test the feasibility of establishing African Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.) farming in General Santos City. The general goal of the researchers is to open up a new business opportunity for General Santos City and other interested individuals. Furthermore, this leads the researchers to the formulation of their general and specific objectives.
1.2 Statement of the Problem and Objectives of the Study
This study aims to test the feasibility African Oil Palm Farming in General Santos City. Specifically, this study aims to accomplish the following objectives:
1. Determine the economic importance, environment impact and yield potential of African Oil Palm Farming.
1. Identify the agronomy, agro – ecological and other necessary requirements for African Oil Palm Farming and test the qualification of General Santos City to these requirements.
2. Determine the management, organizational, marketing, technical, and financial and socio – economic feasibilities of African Oil Farming and its impact to General Santos City.
3. Develop a business plan proposal from the feasibility study conducted.
1.3 Significance of the Study
This study attempts to find out the feasibility of African Palm Oil Farming in General Santos City .The findings of this study would be beneficial to various sectors which are as follows.
This study would be beneficial to General Santos City who is concerned in the growing unemployment of its fishermen and other Generals. In ensuring the progress of the city and the livelihood of its citizens, GenSan should provide an alternative industry which would help in the growth of its community, and the most important...

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